Kamala Harris went berserk because of the two words someone just called her

Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris is a problem for the Biden White House. She could single-handedly sink the administration.

And now Kamala Harris has gone berserk because of just two words someone just called her.

With Joe Biden advancing in age, his campaign sticking with Kamala Harris to be the Vice President of his second term is a gutsy move.

Kamala Harris is not liked by the general American public, that much is sure.

She was picked solely because she is a woman and black. That’s literally the qualifications that Joe Biden had for his Vice President pick back in 2020.

Sticking with her might be the downfall of his re-election campaign because no one really believes that Joe Biden will serve a full second term.

At some point, Kamala Harris would become the President of the United States. That’s something next to zero people actually want.

In fact, a former Democrat has come out and said as much, unashamedly.

Tulsi Gabbard was once a Democrat House Representative from Hawaii and ran for President back in 2020.

She ran against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the Democrat primaries, and famously took Kamala Harris to the cleaners with her exposing Harris’ dark political past.

Gabbard is largely credited with basically burning down Harris’ campaign as a result of how easily she dismantled Harris during the debates.

Now Gabbard is back at it, warning everyone that a Kamala Harris presidency would be a disaster for America in ways we can’t even fathom.

Appearing on a Patrick Bet-David podcast episode, Gabbard called Harris “completely unqualified” to be the commander-in-chief of the United States, an aspect of the job of the President that Gabbard believes is one of the most important.

She pointed to her temperament control issues as a major reason why Harris would be a “dangerous” commander-in-chief.

“She will be manipulated by the military-industrial complex, by people who have a lot of stars on their shoulders from the Pentagon, who would like to see us continue to be in a state of war, for a number of reasons rather than to pursue peace and diplomacy,” Gabbard said of Harris.

She continued on, adding that Harris is ultimately weak but would try to project her strength by pulling dangerous military moves.

“She would, as we’ve seen with others in the past, she would feel as though she needs to project strength. It’s the most dangerous thing to have a weak person feel like they need to project strength and have the U.S. military at their fingertips to do that,” she added.

You can check out Tulsi Gabbard’s appearance on the PBD podcast below:

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