Karine Jean-Pierre has a meltdown during an intense press conference

karine jean-pierre

The White House press secretary’s full-time job is to basically cover for Joe Biden. That usually involves her lying for him.

And Karine Jean-Pierre has a meltdown during an intense press conference.

Last Wednesday during a White House press conference, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the violent crime that has become rampant in Washington, D.C.

She was also specifically asked if President Joe Biden thinks it’s safe for people to visit the Democrat-run city.

“I mean, look, we hear the reports and see the data as well and all violent crime anywhere is completely unacceptable, not just here in D.C., we’re going to call them all out in communities across the country, everyone in every community in the country wants the same thing – they want their families to be safe,” Jean-Pierre answered.

She then said she would “not get into, you know, politics on this,” but then started blaming Republicans by saying, “the president is wanting to make sure that communities feel safe and we’re not seeing that from congressional Republicans – we’re just not. They continue to get in the way.”

“The president has taken action. He puts that in his budget every day.”

Jean-Pierre also mentioned that Biden’s efforts to combat violent crime are “that we make communities safer and we’re just not seeing that from Republicans.”

Before she made those comments, Washington, D.C. experienced a shooting where three police officers were shot. Thankfully none of the injuries were life-threatening according to a post on X by the DC Police Department.

In 2023, violent crime in the nation’s capitol increased by 39 percent, and all crime in general was up by 26%.

This can be attributed to the city’s government passing laws that are soft on crime.

Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser even tried to veto some of those awful policies, but was overruled by the Leftist city council.

There are also no Republicans who are in leadership positions for the D.C. city government.

And that’s what makes Karine Jean-Pierre’s statements even more maddening.

She blames Republicans for the rise of violent crime in D.C., even though there are none who are creating the soft-on-crime policies that have hurt the city.

That’s typical of the Biden administration though.

Blame Republicans for your own screw-ups.

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