Kevin McCarthy uttered four words that should concern every American

Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has promised to be a strong conservative leader. But he might be showing his true colors now.

Because Kevin McCarthy uttered four words that every single American should be worried about.

During the 2022 election season, House Republican Kevin McCarthy had his eyes on the gavel in the House of Representatives that he did eventually get as the new Speaker. As such, he made a lot of promises to the conservative voting base to improve trust in his role as the House leader.

He and his fellow Republicans have largely lived up to the positive expectations that the American conservative base has had for them so far. Strong legislation like the Lower Energy Costs Act and the Parents Bill of Rights have shown the radical Democrats in Congress that McCarthy isn’t playing around.

But Republicans in leadership roles often disappoint conservatives at some point, and McCarthy is no different.

In fact, McCarthy’s latest comments he made to the media should seriously concern Americans.

Recently when speaking with media reporters in the state of California, McCarthy discussed the war that Ukraine is facing in their homeland against Russia.

He made some good points about the war overall, obviously noting that what Russia is doing is an atrocity as he described it.

“I think what`s happening in Ukraine is an atrocity, and I think Ukraine, not just Ukraine, the world has to win there. What Russia has done is wrong,” McCarthy said.

But he also made other comments that seemed to indicate he is in agreement with Joe Biden and the Democrats’ approach to the issue.

He implied that he’s mindful of the taxpayer money that is used to defend Ukraine from Russia’s aggression, but said in no uncertain words that “we have to win” that war.

“Well, I look at every dollar of taxpayers that we would use. But the one thing I know that, in Ukraine, we have to win because it also would save Taiwan at the same time,” McCarthy added.

What’s noteworthy is the shift from saying the “world” has to defend Ukraine to saying that “we” have to save Ukraine.

He also outright said that Democrats and Republicans are united on this issue.

“What China should look at today is that Republicans and Democrats are united,” he argued.

Polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans think that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been spending too much taxpayer dollars on defending Ukraine from Russia.

Every month, Joe Biden is announcing billions more that the American federal government can’t actually afford in military personnel and equipment spending that makes it’s way to Ukraine.

McCarthy saying that he is aligned with the Democrats on this issue which has apparently meant spending countless taxpayer dollars is very concerning.

He’s exhibiting a trend of war-mongering that the American people have grown to reject ever since America got burned during the Bush years in Iraq and into the Obama years.

Hopefully, this isn’t McCarthy angling the Republicans in Congress to become more careless with federal spending on proxy wars that are seemingly unwinnable. If that ends up being the case, the Republicans who tried to block McCarthy’s speakership may have been right all along.

We’ll find out in the coming months.

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