Leading Democrat is about to get kicked out of Congress in a crazy turn of events

Jamaal Bowman

Capitol Hill can be full of surprises. But sometimes these surprises are the last thing a politician wants.

And a leading Democrat is about to get kicked out of Congress in a truly shocking turn of events.

For several years now, a Leftist group of legislators in the U.S. House known as the “squad,” has been plaguing America.

Their radical policies have done nothing but bring about harm in the U.S.

The congress members in the “squad” are familiar names, such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

But one “squad” member, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) may be saying goodbye to his friends come June when his district’s primary takes place.

Bowman is part of the 16th Congressional District in New York and is facing Democratic challenger George Latimer.

A new poll, which was obtained by the New York Post, shows that Bowman is down by 17 points to Latimer among those who are potential voters in the primary. Specifically, he’s trailing 52% to 35%.

But when the poll examines those who are regular primary voters, Latimer’s lead increases.

“Among Democrats who voted in at least three of the last four primaries, Latimer’s lead grows to 21 percentage points – 56% to 35%, according to the survey conducted by veteran Democratic pollster Mark Mellman for the pro-Latimer Democratic Majority for Israel,” reports the New York Post.

“Among Democrats who say they know both Latimer and Bowman – 76% of the primary electorate – Latimer’s lead expands even further to 26 points (600% to 34%).”

This is no doubt bad news for Rep. Bowman, who has already suffered humiliation in the past year after he pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building which ended up delaying a vote that would have likely avoided a government shutdown.

Bowman and his office stated that while he did pull the alarm, he did it unintentionally. Most people however don’t believe that excuse and figured that the alarm was pulled to delay the vote.

Regardless of his shenanigans involving the fire alarm, the New York Post details how Bowman’s overall record in Congress is viewed negatively according to the poll they obtained.

“In comparison, only 36% of respondents had a positive view of Bowman’s work in Congress while 55% have a negative view,” the outlet said.

Rep. Bowman’s district isn’t too far from New York City which is experiencing the side effects of the Biden border crisis which has brought in a mass influx of illegal immigrants into the city.

Bowman’s sentiments on the matter don’t stray too far from Biden’s, which is to do practically nothing about the illegal immigration crisis and instead criticize the language used against the migrants.

Residents in the area, however, are fed up with how illegal aliens are running rampant in their towns and neighborhoods, and they’re in-turn fed up with Rep. Jamaal Bowman and the poor job he’s done in Congress.

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