Leading Republican kicked out of Congress for this one insane reason

Ken Buck

No job is safe in the world of politics. This congressman found that out the hard way.

And a leading Republican was kicked out of Congress for this one insane reason.

This past Friday, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) officially retired from the U.S. House.

But just several days before he left his post, he was kicked out of the House Freedom Caucus according to reports from the Hill.

Last Tuesday night, the caucus voted to remove Buck from the group because he hasn’t been “in good standing” with them.

The lack of good standing is due to the now-retired congressman not attending caucus meetings at a regular rate for months, the Hill reports.

Buck knew of his ousting from the caucus, and confirmed it to Politico last Wednesday.

His decision to retire from Congress altogether stems from what he believes is a House that has dove into chaos.

Mr. Buck describes the House as having “devolved into bickering and nonsense.”

According to the Hill, his early retirement was also another reason why the House Freedom Caucus went forward with his removal.

A source spoke with the media publication and said that Buck “hasn’t been with conservatives on several major issues” and “is leaving the conference hanging with a historically narrow margin.”

Most notably, the retired-congressman was one of just three Republicans who didn’t vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his role in the southern border crisis.

While it is true that Buck was not as conservative on many key issues as the GOP would’ve liked, he’s now opening the door for a Leftist to take his seat.

Republicans now have just a 218-213 majority in the U.S. House.

So not only is it important that Republicans win back the White House this fall, it’s also important that they strengthen their majority in the lower chamber of Congress.

There’s also a realistic shot that the GOP can win back the Senate, as Democrats have more seats that are in play this election cycle.

But first and foremost there can’t be any more surprise retirements from GOP lawmakers.

A Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress along with a Joe Biden White House, would be a disaster for this country.

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