Major endorsement for President could completely change the GOP race

Bob Vander Plaats

The GOP race for the nomination is heating up as the number of candidates is rapidly shrinking. However, there is still time for things to change.

And now, a major endorsement could completely shake up the GOP race.

Donald Trump still has a massive lead over his fellow GOP candidates, and it appears that he will clearly be the nomination and is even projected to take back the White House.

However, there is still time for things to be shaken up, and that is exactly what appears could be happening with shocking endorsements from major figures.

Experts and analysts alike have warned that one key evangelical leader’s endorsement could completely erase Donald Trump’s commanding lead.

Some people believe that in Iowa, Donald Trump’s lead could be very quickly and very easily erased.

Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader, which is a very active politically influential social conservative group, stated, “You’re seeing the field naturally coalesce. It’s getting smaller and smaller.”

The latest polls from Iowa show that Trump’s support has dropped to under 50%, and Vander Plaats believes that number could go as low as 35% by the time of the January 15th caucus.

He argued, “There’s definitely a shot that the former president can be beat here.”

Vander Plaats is expected to endorse one of Trump’s rivals in the coming days, and many people believe that may be a turning point for the GOP race.

Vander Plaats has long had a difficult relationship with Trump and recently has called for new leadership in the GOP.

Trump was invited, along with DeSantis, Haley, and Ramaswamy, to a forum yet Trump will not be attending and Vander Plaats noted that his “absence communicates a lot to our base.”

He stated, “It’s a forum he’d want to take advantage of and remind our base of all the good things he did while he was president.”

The influential leader said that his endorsement for president would be “sometime after the forum and before Christmas.”

He also stated he will “do whatever I can to make the endorsement stick and see what happens.”

Many people are expecting Vander Plaats to endorse DeSantis as he has shown much praise for the Florida Governor already, and his state’s Governor has already endorsed DeSantis.

Vander Plaats claims that his governor’s endorsement “will weigh in on my discernment. But that won’t make my endorsement.”

It is interesting to note that every presidential endorsement from Vander Plaats since 2008 has led to his candidate winning in Iowa but failing to win the overall election.

Many of Trump’s major allies have declared that Vander Plaat’s endorsement will have very little impact on the overall election.

A veteran Republican pollster and surveyor has said, “While the DeSantis camp will try and spin that a Vander Plaats endorsement will revive their sputtering and shrinking campaign, cold hard data tells a much different story.”

An Iowa-based strategist has said, “I think what matters more to Iowa caucusgoers than anything is meeting with the candidates and getting their questions answered about their policy positions.”

She went on further to say, “Endorsements, whether it’s the Governor or Bob Vander Plaats, can shine a light on the campaign, and then it’s up to the candidate to seal the deal.”

Regardless of who receives the endorsement, the race for president is heating up and people are on the edge of their seats to see who will challenge Biden to save America.

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