Massachusetts’ Governor makes a surprising decision that leaves many Democrats speechless

Maura Healey

The state of Massachusetts seems to be in a state of panic. Many are wondering what will happen next.

And the Massachusetts Governor has made a decision that left many Democrats shocked.

Massachusetts has been having a hard time dealing with Joe Biden’s border crisis.

They have requested federal aid as their state has become flooded with illegal immigrants from the southern border.

Now, the Massachusetts Governor, Maura Healey, has activated the National Guard in order to get the crisis under control.

The state continues to be flooded with thousands of illegal aliens every day and the state is starting to get desperate.

Fellow Democrats have begged Joe Biden to provide aid and help with the crisis in any way he can.

However, in true form, Joe Biden continues to send billions in aid to foreign countries but refuses to do anything to aid his own allies.

Governor Healey has finally had enough though and has now activated the National Guard.

More than 200 national guardsmen have been activated to help at hotels and shelters providing the “basic needs” for immigrants.

Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency and Governor Healey said that “we need all hands on deck to meet this moment and ensure families have access to safe shelter and basic services.”

There are currently more than 20,000 people living in the emergency shelters in Massachusetts and the majority of these individuals are illegal aliens.

The solution to this ongoing crisis seems to be obvious: shut down the border.

Instead, Joe Biden and even the complaining Democrat leaders of overwhelmed states continue to destroy their own citizens’ lives for the benefit of foreigners entering and living in the US illegally.

The left’s “open border policy” is doing nothing but making things worse for everyone.

Democrats are asking for even more taxpayer money to pay for illegal immigrants’ cost of living.

This model is destroying our country and everything it stands for.

Illegal immigrants should not be allowed in the country in the first place even!

This situation could have easily been avoided if there was a competent President in the White House.

Instead, we have a brain-dead bumbling buffoon who hates America.

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