Mayhem erupts in Congress after this radical Leftist was accused of the unthinkable

Rep. Ilhan Omar

Democrats aren’t known for their integrity. But what this member of Congress did will leave you speechless.

And mayhem erupted in Congress after this radical Leftist was accused of the unthinkable.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has come under fire for allegedly violating House ethics rules by failing to disclose her husband’s assets and liabilities related to his marijuana and wine businesses. This accusation was brought forward by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a conservative watchdog group.

Omar, a prominent member of the Leftist “Squad” in Congress, is now facing calls for an investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The NLPC’s complaint, filed on Wednesday, draws on a June report by the Minnesota Reformer, which detailed accusations of fraud and breach of contract against Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, and his business partner, Will Hailer. These allegations are tied to their now-defunct marijuana and wine ventures.

Over the past three years, Omar has not disclosed the value of these struggling businesses to Congress. The NLPC highlighted a reported $300,000 investment from Washington, D.C., business owner Naeem Mohd.

“While Mynett and Hailer’s wine business seems to be a bust, they say they are now working to sell the intellectual property and trademarks associated with the brand,” NLPC’s counsel, Paul Kamenar, stated in the complaint.

“Indeed, Rep. Omar did not list any transactions by her spouse under Schedule B: Transactions for the last three years regarding any of his wine and cannabis businesses.”

In comments made to the Washington Examiner, one Minnesota Republican expressed frustration over the situation, stating that the public is “tired of the financial grifts these political leeches are playing to enrich themselves.”

Joe Fraser, a Senate candidate in Minnesota, added that Omar is “unafraid to make potentially illegal financial decisions at the expense” of voters.

Omar has previously faced scrutiny for directing substantial campaign funds to a firm owned by her husband.

In response to allegations of self-enrichment, she defended these payments, stating, “I don’t pay my husband, I pay the firm to do work. And so what we do is that we have this firm really carry out the contractual work that we do with other vendors.”

Omar’s office did not respond to a request for comment on the recent complaint.

This controversy is yet another major hurdle the radical “Squad” in Congress has to try and overcome.

One of their fellow members, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), just lost his primary race in his district in New York, which means soon one less “Squad” member will be in the House.

Not only that, but anti-semitic behavior has also been rampant in the “Squad.”

Many of those radical Leftists hold pro-Palestinian views that are divisive in the Democrat Party.

And with Rep. Omar dealing with a new scandal, it’s only a matter of time until she and her pals in the “Squad” are all ousted from Congress in one way or another.

Hopefully, for the United States’ sake, their ousting is sooner than later.

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