Member of the Biden administration calls it quits in a stunning turn of events

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President Biden’s unpopularity is seeping into his own administration. Even they are growing tired of his poor leadership.

And a member of the Biden administration calls it quits in a stunning turn of events.

The Israel-Hamas war has caused a lot of turmoil among Joe Biden and his Democrat base.

Some were happy with his original response of support for Israel after it suffered a terrorist attack at the hands of Hamas on October 7.

Others weren’t so happy that Biden decided to support the Jewish nation.

And now one U.S. diplomat for the State Department has decided to resign over how the Biden administration has handled the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Hala Rharrit, who’s served in the State Department for the last 18 years and as an Arab language spokeswoman for the last year and a half, has officially decided to hand in her resignation.

“I had full intentions of continuing on in my career until I reached senior levels,” Rharrit said to CNN.

“I never had the intention of resigning.”

Rharrit is allegedly the first U.S. diplomat who quit because of Joe Biden and his administration’s policies towards the Israel-Hamas war.

But now, two other members of the State Department have quit because of the same thing. Those members are Josh Paul and Annelle Sheline.

Rharrit condemned the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel, but she did not agree with the Biden admin sending weapons to Israel after the Israeli military launched airstrikes that caused civilian casualties.

“I was seeing on a daily basis the images that were going viral in the Arab world of all of the dead children,” Rharrit said to the Washington Post.

“How can it not get to you as a human being, as a mother? And it was devastating to know that it was our bombs that were k*lling those children, most likely. And more devastating to know that despite all of their deaths, we’re still sending more arms because somehow we think that that’s the solution. It’s insane. Diplomacy, not arms is what we need.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has explained that he is open to diverse opinions and has even held events with U.S. diplomats who want to share their views.

“The secretary reads every single one of those dissent channel cables and dissenting viewpoints from across the administration,” Vedant Patel, a State Department spokesman, said.

“We continue to welcome them, and we think that it helps lead to stronger, more robust policymaking.”

But Rharrit said that although there were members of the State Department who were open to hearing her viewpoints, other members “sidelined” and “silenced” her.

This issue could very well be a death blow for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

More and more Democrats are coming out against his stance on Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

If Biden doesn’t do something quickly, then he could very well be a one-term president because of his handling of this Middle Eastern war.

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