Merrick Garland made a fatal mistake that sent Joe Biden into a rage

merrick garland

Biden’s DOJ has been his personal army since day one. But they may have just ruined Joe’s career.

Because Merrick Garland made a fatal mistake that sent Joe Biden into a rage.

The Left can’t stand when anyone dares to stand against their agenda.

If they can’t cancel you by pressuring your employer to fire you or silence you with intimidation tactics, then they’ll dig up any kind of charges against you.

It’s called a dual-tiered justice system, and we’re living in it.

Mark Houck, a pro-life activist and Catholic father of seven, and his wife are suing the Biden Department of Justice over Houck’s arrest last year at his Pennsylvania home in front of his children by an estimated 20 armed FBI agents.

The DOJ went after Houck, who runs a nonprofit that provides sidewalk counseling at Philadelphia abortion clinics, for an incident in 2021 involving his then-12-year-old son at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

According to the family, Houck, who faced up to 11 years in prison and fines of up to $350,000, was defending his son from a harassing pro-abortion protester.

Houck was cleared of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances, or FACE Act, charges in January.

According to The Daily Signal, Houck is suing for $1.1 million in damages for malicious prosecution, retaliatory prosecution, false arrest, abuse of process, and assault.

The iconic arrest is described in the claim as a “unnecessary and unlawful show of force” and a breach of Houck’s Fourth Amendment rights.

The activist was arrested using “excessive force” on “non-violent charges when he had not threatened law enforcement, did not own a gun, and had offered to turn himself in to authorities if indicted,” according to the lawsuit.

Ryan-Marie Houck, his wife, is suing for $3.25 million in damages.

According to the complaint, Ryan-Marie has had many miscarriages as a result of the traumatizing arrest, and she is now sterile.

“Mrs. Houck has also shouldered the emotional distress of caring for her seven children and their individual needs as they each process their own trauma from these events,” according to the lawsuit.

“The children continually come to her crying and suffering from nightmares. They slept in bed with her and her husband for the first month after the arrest, and they continue to ask to sleep in their parents’ bed. The children are easily triggered whenever the situation is brought up or unannounced guests arrive at the property, and she spends a significant amount of time counseling and comforting them.”

Following the arrest, a fundraising account set up for the Houcks on the platform GiveSendGo reported the incident as follows: “Mark and his kid were praying in front of the [Planned Parenthood] at 12th and Locust. When one of the escorts began harassing Mark’s son they walked down the street away from the entrance to the building. The escort followed them, and when he continued yelling at Mark’s son, Mark pushed him away.”

“It’s all on video,” says the post.

“But that hasn’t stopped Planned Parenthood and the Biden Administration. With no prior warning, and in spite of the fact that Mark is represented by an attorney, Biden’s Justice Department sent a fully armed SWAT team into a home full of young children at daybreak, to arrest a father for protecting his son.”

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