Merrick Garland made this horrifying threat against the Supreme Court

merrick garland

The Biden administration is taking over. And they don’t care who they take down in their way.

And Merrick Garland made this horrifying threat against the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden and his puppet pals in the cabinet have never forgiven former President Trump for filling the vacancies on the Supreme Court.

For years, the Court was under a liberal majority, giving the rubber stamp to the Left’s ideology.

But thanks to Trump, the Court has a conservative majority that has handed down some of the most consequential rulings in recent memory.

The Dobbs v. Jackson ruling that reversed Roe v. Wade brought down the Left’s ire against the institution the most.

And now we’re learning that Merrick Garland put all of the Justice’s lives at risk.

During the dispute over Roe v. Wade/em> last year, U.S. Marshals assigned to guard Supreme Court justices were reportedly advised not to arrest demonstrators assembled outside their private homes.

Protesters attacked individual Supreme Court Justices last year after an unlawful leak of a draft ruling aimed at reversing Roe v. Wade/em> before it was formally decided. Even the left-wing Washington Post agreed at the time that such protests were probably illegal under Chapter 18, Section 1507 of the United States Code. 

“While protest is indeed ingrained in American democracy, legally speaking, the comparison between protesting a politician at home and a member of the judiciary at home is inexact. And experts say the latter category of protests is probably illegal regardless of how peaceful the demonstrations are,” the Post admitted.

“The law states that it is illegal, ‘with the intent of influencing any judge to: ‘picket or parade “’n or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer,’” it added, “‘or with such intent,’ to resort’“to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence.’”

Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to documents obtained by Alabama Republican Sen. Katie Britt, directed U.S. Marshals inform demonstrators that arresting them is not a priority. According to the Washington Times:

Mr. Garland told senators earlier this month that his prosecutors couldn’t bring prosecutions until the marshals made arrests, which the marshals on the scene didn’t believe was necessary.

According to Ms. Britt, the advice documents demonstrate that they were told not to.

“They were actively discouraged,” she explained.

A component of the marshals’ training even said that arrests were “not the goal” of their deployment, while another section stated that arrests should only be used as a “last resort to prevent physical harm.”

About the statute prohibiting Americans from pressing judges to influence a court decision, the attorney general stated in the instructions that the law could face legal challenges and discouraged agents from using it as a basis for an arrest.

Sen. Britt further stated that the advice instructed agents to consult with federal prosecutors before making an arrest, contradicting Garland’s claim that the agents were free.

The guidance stated that “any contemplated [marshals] enforcement action should be coordinated in advance with the appropriate USAO.”

At the height of the protests, police apprehended Nicholas John Roske, 26, of California, outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland after he allegedly traveled there to murder the sitting judge in order to safeguard Roe v. Wade/em>.

The Washington Post reported at the time that “a California man carrying at least one weapon near Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Maryland home was taken into custody by police after telling officers he wanted to kill the Supreme Court justice.”

“Two people familiar with the investigation said the initial evidence indicates the man was angry about the leaked draft of an opinion by the Supreme Court signaling that the court is preparing to overturn Roe. v. Wade,” the Post continued.

According to police and court filings, Roske was in possession of a Glock-17 pistol, a tactical knife, pepper spray, zip ties, and a crowbar.

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