Mitch McConnell delivers a bold prediction about the Trump conviction that has the GOP speechless

mitch mcconnell

McConnell’s RINO tendencies have frustrated Republicans for years. But now those frustrations are about to hit a boiling point.

As Mitch McConnell delivers a bold prediction about the Trump conviction that has the GOP speechless.

On Thursday afternoon, former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all counts in his sham hush money trial in New York.

Trump’s conviction angered many of his supporters and Republicans across the country.

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has had plenty of disagreements with Trump, was angered by the decision.

But his anger didn’t do much to convince conservatives that he was actually displeased with the guilty verdict.

“These charges never should have been brought in the first place,” McConnell said in a post on X.

He then predicted that an appeal would overturn the verdict, saying, “I expect the conviction to be overturned on appeal.”

While Trump and his supporters would gladly hope for McConnell’s prediction to come true, they weren’t too thrilled with his X post that clearly lacked any sort of emotion. It further proved to them that McConnell really isn’t on the side of Trump’s but on the side of establishment politicians in Washington, D.C.

“Don’t throw your back out there, buddy. Simmer down!” editor-in-chief of the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway said sarcastically in response to McConnell’s post.

Some Trump critics were upset with McConnell’s post because it criticized the conviction that was handed down to the former President.

“I still can’t fathom how so many people who should know better insist on debasing themselves like this,” George Conway, a Donald Trump critic, said on X.

Republicans have a right to be frustrated with McConnell’s remarks on X about the trial.

For years during his time in leadership in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has betrayed the GOP by making deals with the Democrats.

His RINO habits have never seemed to go away and he doesn’t fight hard enough for Americans who are being harmed by the Left’s dangerous policies.

So you can’t blame the Right for being skeptical on how sincere McConnell is being by bashing Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.

Either way, Sen. McConnell’s time in leadership will be coming to a close soon, as he has announced his intentions to step down as Republican Senate leader in 2025.

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