MSNBC’s Joy Reid has a mental breakdown on camera that’s shocked Americans

joy reid

Reid is a radical Leftist who is quick to prop up the Democrat’s propaganda. But now she’s lost her mind in the process.

As MSNBC’s Joy Reid has a mental breakdown on camera that’s shocked Americans.

In a fiery TikTok monologue, MSNBC host Joy Reid expressed her strong disapproval of the Supreme Court’s recent decision that granted former President Donald Trump immunity for official acts.

Reid argued that the ruling effectively makes the president “in effect a king” on “the eve of Independence Day.”

“Hey guys, so … over the last, you know, several days, there’s been a lot of conversation about a certain old person who had a really bad debate last week,” Reid began her tirade on Monday afternoon, mere hours after the ruling was announced.

“Well, today the Supreme Court just made all of that completely irrelevant,” she added.

Reid highlighted the troubling timing of the ruling, which coincides with the upcoming Independence Day holiday. She claimed that the Supreme Court had effectively granted Trump “monarch-like powers.”

Reid raised a hypothetical scenario where the ruling could allow Trump to plot an assassination of President Joe Biden during a foreign trip. “Presumably, if he were to use SEAL Team 6 to try to assassinate one of his political opponents — so long as he did it through the auspices of the presidency … let’s say he uses the NSA to, say, ‘Let me investigate the Bidens as a national security threat and then we need to go ahead and assassinate them when they take a foreign trip.’ We’ll just go ahead and use drones to assassinate them, let’s say, in a foreign country and we’ll use SEAL Team 6 to go in and get them like they got bin Laden,” she said.

Reid also referenced Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent in the ruling, which expressed deep concerns over the implications of the decision. Sotomayor suggested that if the president “uses his official powers in any way, under the majority’s reasoning, he now will be insulated from criminal prosecution.” She specifically mentioned the scenario of ordering SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival.

The MSNBC host did not hold back in her criticism of the justices, particularly those whose spouses have been associated with controversial actions.

“He can do anything. … That’s what they just ruled today, including two members of the court whose wives are insurrectionists,” Reid said.

Sotomayor’s dissent warned of potential dangers to “our democracy,” a sentiment Reid echoed with urgency. “This is DEFCON 1, friends,” she declared.

Reid’s monologue grew increasingly dire as she expressed her frustration with the Supreme Court’s decision.

“This election is no longer about the old guy that’s in the White House now,” she said. “The op-ed pages and the New York Times can run around and opine about ‘What Joe Biden should do?’ Y’all have fun with that. Enjoy yourselves, intellectual thought leaders,” she said.

“I no longer care. Doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s above me now,” Reid said. “There’s a Waffle House next door. There’s a Best Western next door as well. It’s above me now. It’s above Joe Biden now. Don’t care about Joe Biden’s age.”

She concluded with a strong call to action, “Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House! Y’all better vote for your lives in November! I’m gone. Y’all be good.”

Previously, Reid had commented on MSNBC following the presidential debate last Thursday night, sharing that leading Democratic operatives were “approaching panic” over Biden’s performance.

Of course, Joy Reid’s rant isn’t based in any sort of truth. The president is not constitutionally allowed to use the military to attack a political opponent. That’s not what the Supreme Court ruled when they granted Trump immunity since that wouldn’t be an official act of the president.

But the Leftists like Reid want to continue to stir up their base with the use of fear-mongering.

You can watch her unhinged rant below:

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