Mutiny in the U.S. Senate has this Democrat ringing every alarm bell

john fetterman

There’s always instances of betrayal in politics. But this senator never expected it to happen to them.

And a mutiny in the U.S. Senate has this Democrat ringing every alarm bell.

According to a report from Vanity Fair, Sen. John Fetterman’s (D-PA) former staff are coming out against him due to his support for Israel.

One former staff member told the outlet that the senator’s “utter lack of any empathy for the Palestinians being slaughtered” was concerning to his staff.

“By the end of March, four members of Fetterman’s communications team had quit, though not in tandem,” reported Vanity Fair.

“He loves attention and he loves Israel, so this is a perfect combination,” another staff member said to the outlet.

Vanity Fair also mentions that some of these former aides have left Fetterman to work for places and politicians who are publicly “critical of Israel.” Two of those politicians include, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) and Brandon Johnson, the Mayor of Chicago.

“Press aide Emma Mustion left to work for Senator Bob Casey,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“Nick Gavio, Fetterman’s former deputy communications director, left for the Working Families Party, which runs an online tracker of members of Congress calling for a cease-fire, a position Fetterman has consistently opposed.”

The Vanity Fair brought up how Joe Calvello, a former staff member of Fetterman’s, left to go “work as chief strategy officer for Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson.”

But despite these staff departures, Sen. Fetterman is standing strong in his support of Israel.

A week ago, he told Fox News Digital that anti-Israel demonstrators are only hurting their cause with their aggressive tactics to try and protest against the Jewish nation.

“It is not appropriate or legal or helpful to advance your argument if you show up in a Starbucks with a bullhorn and start yelling at people,” Fetterman said.

The senator also argued that these types of protests and demonstrations don’t “make you noble.”

The anti-Israel vs. pro-Israel stance could very well divide the Democrat Party in a critical election year.

President Joe Biden himself has received all sorts of criticism for his support of Israel after it suffered a terrorist attack on October 7 from Hamas.

But his recent flip-flopping with criticizing and not criticizing Israel, has only hurt his credibility more.

Sen. John Fetterman is experiencing his own condemnation for supporting Israel.

If the Left doesn’t try and come to an agreement on this matter or unify in some way, then it could very well cost them some crucial elections in November, including the presidential election.

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