Nasty betrayal by this Republican Governor has set the GOP on fire

Governor Kay Ivey

The Right needs to unite together in order to defeat the Democrats this election season. But not every conservative is on board with that.

And a nasty betrayal by this Republican Governor has set the GOP on fire.

Ballot access has been a hot topic this election cycle.

It all started when some states made rulings to try and prevent former President Donald Trump from being on the ballot due to his alleged role in the January 6 riots on the Capitol.

Then, President Joe Biden’s access on ballots in Alabama and Ohio were in question because those states have early certification deadlines which are before the Democratic National Convention’s official nominating process.

“Joe Biden will bo on the ballot in all 50 states. Election after election, states across the country have acted in line with the bipartisan consensus and taken the necessary steps to ensure the presidential nominees from both parties will be on the ballot,” the Biden campaign said about any ballot access issues.

But now, the state of Alabama has officially passed legislation, which was signed by Governor Kay Ivey (R), that will officially allow President Biden to appear on the state’s ballot come election day.

The Alabama House of Representatives voted for the legislation 93-0. “This is a great day in Alabama when in a bipartisan manner, we passed this legislation to ensure that President Joe Biden gains access to the ballot in Alabama,” State Sen. Merika Coleman (D) said.

Republicans in other states might be rather upset that the GOP in Alabama didn’t vote against this bill. But the truth is, former President Donald Trump had the same problem back in 2020 in the state.

That year, thanks to Republicans who controlled the state legislature, a bill was passed that gave Trump access to the ballot by moving the certification deadline.

“This is nothing new. We just need to fix this so the president can be on the ballot, just like our nominee can be on the ballot,” House Speaker Pro Tem Chris Pringle (R) said.

The new deadline for certification will now be 74 days before election day as opposed to 82 days.

This will allow for the Democrats to hold their nominating convention without any worry of missing the deadline.

If Republicans in Alabama decided to fight back and not vote for the legislation, then Joe Biden’s campaign was ready to fight back.

It would have been ironic if after months of the Left calling for Trump to not appear on practically any ballots in the United States, that this bipartisan effort failed and Biden was left off the ticket in November.

But instead, the Right was level-headed and simply changed the deadline dates so that American voters would have the right to cast their vote for the candidate of their choosing come election day.

This was the same procedure that was done for Donald Trump as well.

Maybe the Democrats can learn a thing or two about common-sense bipartisan measures.

But at the next chance they get, they’ll likely try and find another way to disqualify Trump from having votes cast for him this year.

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