Biden campaign’s new scheme involving this celebrity has the GOP on red alert

Steven Spielberg

Joe Biden is trying to do everything in his power to defeat Donald Trump. He’s now trying to solicit the help of Hollywood elitists.

And the Biden campaign’s new scheme involving this celebrity has the GOP on red alert.

President Joe Biden has to be panicking right now.

More and more polls are coming out that show him trailing former President Donald Trump in the 2024 general election.

That’s why Biden and his campaign are working with this Hollywood celebrity to try and overcome Trump’s lead in the polls and win reelection.

According to Puck News’ Matt Belloni, famous film director Steve Spielberg “has been quietly but actively working with the Joe Biden campaign to help choreograph August’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago.”

Belloni also detailed how Spielberg has been “participating in multiple strategy sessions on how to best tell the president’s story.”

Both Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter confirmed the report last Friday.

Zoe G. Phillips from the Hollywood Reporter said that Spielberg is “joining the Biden campaign” and Dominic Patten from Deadline also explained how the director will be “involved strategically” with Biden’s campaign and with the Democratic National Convention.

A “well-placed source” close to the situation told Deadline that Spielberg “wants to be as helpful as possible to the president.”

“He believes this is one of the most important elections in the nation’s history,” the source continued.

Steven Spielberg has had a history of helping Democrats in the past. Phillips explained how in 2008 he helped with the making of a film for the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

Although this year, there’s no current plan to try and do the same for the Biden campaign, according to Phillips.

“The director does not currently have plans to create a film portion for this summer’s events, though he did produce a film for President Obama’s campaign in 2008,” Phillips stated.

President Biden has enlisted the help of several celebrities recently to try and boost his fundraising numbers ahead of the presidential election.

He recently attended a fundraiser that was hosted by actor Michael Douglas.

Before that, he attended a ritzy event in New York City which was hosted by late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert. In attendance at that event was former Democrat Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The Biden campaign is starting to get desperate. They need all the help they can get to defeat Donald Trump this year.

Even if that means calling upon Hollywood’s most elite class to assist them.

Fortunately for Trump and the Republicans, the average American voter isn’t too interested in what an out-of-touch Hollywood celebrity has to say about politics or who they think should run the country.

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