Obama just entered the 2024 election in a way no one saw coming

barack obama

Democrats can’t afford for Donald Trump to win the White House again. That’s why they’re calling for backup.

And Obama just entered the 2024 election in a way no one saw coming.

President Joe Biden’s reelection chances aren’t looking so great right now.

He’s trailing former President Trump in many key battleground states.

But for the president and the Democrats, help is on the way, as former President Barack Obama has announced his intentions to help fundraise for Biden this June.

Obama and some Hollywood celebrities are planning to attend an event in Los Angeles, California to help raise funds for President Biden.

The event will likely be similar to the one in New York City that was held for Biden recently.

That fundraiser included the attendance of several well-known celebrities, including former Democrat Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden’s campaign was also able to raise a whopping $26 million during that New York City event.

In June, Biden can expect to see actor George Clooney and actress Julia Roberts in attendance to support him.

Barack Obama’s presence will also serve as a boost to the 81-year-old president who at this point needs all the help he can get.

Voters currently don’t hold Biden in a favorable view, and many question his ability to perform the job well due to his age.

As for fundraising numbers, Democrats seem to be performing well in that department compared to Republicans.

In March the GOP is behind the Left by around $25 million in donations.

But on April 6, $50.5 million was raised for Donald Trump at a fundraising event in Mar-a-Lago.

That fundraiser saw the attendance of some billionaires who were eager to support the former president.

Democrats have been able to boast for quite some time about their ability to round up donations from celebrities in Hollywood.

But at the end of the day, voters won’t care at all if George Clooney endorses Joe Biden.

Instead, they care about voting for a candidate that will fix the economy and help secure the southern border.

Those are things that President Joe Biden can’t do.

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