One Democrat senator just invited a dangerous cult to the capitol in a truly evil move

State Senator Juan Mendez

Morals is something the Left severely lacks. But no one thought they’d stoop this low.

And one Democrat senator just invited a dangerous cult to the capitol in a truly evil move.

Last Wednesday, the state capitol of Arizona experienced a shocking group of visitors.

State Senator Juan Mendez (D) welcomed and honored a group of Satanists at the capitol during a committee hearing.

He expressed how they are experiencing “arbitrary” and “tyrannical” persecution because of their religion.

“Members, I would like to introduce a group of Arizonans, some from my district, but they have membership all across the state,” Mendez said.

“They are here today to confront the arbitrary, tyrannical authority of religious persecution that’s scheduled for government committee later on today.”

“We are graced with the presence of ministers and members of the Satanic Temple of Arizona.”

He also added that the group of Satanists are “at the Capitol today to fight for the rights of their more than 12,000 members of their denomination and the rights of free speech and free exercise of all Arizonans.”

Sen. Mendez also oddly said that the group holds and practices religious values that include, “compassion, justice, bodily autonomy, free speech, science, humility, and noble action.”

“They actively do outreach and community service and participate in public affairs where their issues might benefit from their rational, satanic insights.”

It’s hard to imagine the word “rational” being in the same sentence as “satanic,” but Mendez somehow found a way to put them together.

Mendez continued, stuttering in the process, to say that, “The mission of the satanic temple is to encourage belovenance and empathy among all people. They embrace practical common sense and justice. They are guided by their conscience to undertake noble pursuits that fulfill their religious values…I welcome them to the floor today.”

“And in the committee hearing on the bill, one of the Satanists concluded his testimony with a hearty ‘HAIL SATAN!'” one X user said in response to the clip of Mendez introducing the Satanists.

This seems like a low point even for Democrats.

How can one rationally invite a group of satan worshippers to the capitol and think that they have “noble pursuits?”

Apparently, Mendez thinks so.

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