Pope Francis cannot believe what Nancy Pelosi just said

nancy pelosi

House Democrat Nancy Pelosi says she’s a devout Catholic. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And Pope Francis cannot believe what Nancy Pelosi just said about the Church.

Democrats who proclaim to be devout Catholics in the United States have been waging a cold war against the Catholic Church.

The Vatican has made it quite clear that the Democrat Party’s positions on abortion, for example, are not compatible with the Holy Scriptures and Christianity as a whole.

Democrats can’t stand this, though. But they want to hold on to their supposed Catholic faith because they find it useful for their political careers.

Nancy Pelosi is maybe the worst offender of this using her “faith” as a ploy for her political career rather than for her personal edification.

She’s outright said that she will not submit to the Vatican on the issue of abortion no matter what, which makes her apostate.

Pelosi has also been denied communion at her local church in San Francisco because of her political peddling of abortion on demand through all nine months of a pregnancy.

But it seems she’s taken none of the rebuking to heart whatsoever.

In her latest comments, she’s now saying that she thinks women should be made priests within the Catholic Church.

Pelosi saying that women should be priests isn’t exactly the problem. The problem is that saying that you believe that women should be priests is contradictory to the Vatican and the Catholic faith as a whole.

These comments came from her speaking at a Georgetown University event where she said she was at one point “attracted” to the idea of being a Catholic priest.

“Every day (priests) have the power … of turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, that is real power, now we’re talking power, and that’s why I was more attracted to that than being a nun,” Pelosi said.

She also indicated that she was disappointed with Pope Francis for not paving the way for women to become priests.

“On the other hand, maybe women will be able to do that as well, that’s something to think about, something I was hoping the pope would do,” Pelosi added.

Pope Francis has been quite clear that women being ordained priests is simply not in the cards for the Catholic faith.

“Why can a woman not enter ordained ministry?” Pope Francis rhetorically asked. “It is because the Petrine principle has no place for that.”

Pope John Paul II also once wrote that the Catholic Church has “no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women.”

He also wrote that believing that is to be “held by all the Church’s faithful.”

Again, there’s plenty of denominations that theologically believe it’s acceptable for women to become pastors or priests, but the Catholic church is not one of them.

As such, Pelosi’s simply not a faithful or devout Catholic by any stretch of the imagination.

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