President Biden fell over on stage after committing this embarrassing gaffe

joe biden

The president’s ability to humiliate himself is basically his best skill. It’s pretty much the only thing he succeeds at.

And Biden fell over on stage after committing this embarrassing gaffe.

While making a speech at the Gun Sense University conference in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, President Joe Biden made a series of gaffes related to the Second Amendment and a quote from a former president.

Biden made a false claim about the Second Amendment where he alleged that it doesn’t allow American citizens to own cannons.

“There has never been a time that says you could own anything you want,” the president said.

“Never. You couldn’t own a cannon during the Civil War. No, I’m serious. Think about it.”

According to an article in the Journal on Legislation by David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee, it was found that there was a “near-complete absence” of laws in the 1800s that prohibited the owning of cannons.

Kopel also told the New York Post that Biden’s statements about not being able to own a cannon are “patently false.”

“This version is a little different from Biden’s previous lies,” Kopel said, referring to other instances where Biden has lied about cannons and the Second Amendment.

“The earlier ones referred to when the Second Amendment was ratified. Now he’s moving the time frame to the Civil War. Still completely false.”

There are currently no federal laws that prohibit U.S. citizens from owning cannons that were built before 1898.

Biden then continued on in his speech with yet another gaffe, this time by mis-quoting former President Thomas Jefferson.

“How much have you heard this phrase, ‘the blood of liberty … washes those’ – give me a break,” the president said.

Thomas Jefferson’s actual quote is this: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Joe Biden continued, saying, “No, I mean it. Seriously. And by the way, if they want to think they can take out government if we get out of line, which they are talking again about, well guess what, they need F-15s.”

That’s right, the President of the United States made a threat against Americans for simply wanting to keep the government in check.

One of the purposes of the Second Amendment is to fight back against a tyrannical force.

Biden and his Democrat pals clearly don’t understand that.

So instead, they sound like tyrants and dictators by threatening law-abiding gun owners in the United States.

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