President Biden goes into hiding as part of this insane new scheme

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Joe Biden’s reelection chances are looking grim. That’s why his campaign has come up with a plan to help turn the tide.

And President Biden goes into hiding as part of this insane new scheme.

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are expected to face off against one another next week in the first of two scheduled presidential debates.

The first debate will be hosted by CNN, and the second debate, which is in September, will be hosted by ABC News.

But before these contests occur, each candidate must prepare accordingly.

And Biden’s preparation plans look quite a bit different than Trump’s.

According to reports from the Washington Examiner, President Biden has made his way to Camp David in Maryland to work on his debate strategy.

Camp David has been known as a place where presidents will practice for their upcoming debates.

Ron Klain, Biden’s former White House chief of staff, will assist in helping Biden prepare for the debate. He also helped the president ahead of the 2020 debates.

It’s unclear yet on whether or not Bob Bauer, Biden’s lawyer, will act as Donald Trump during the mock debates.

As for the former president, he isn’t hiding away to prepare for next week’s contest.

Instead, he’s been attending some meetings pertaining to his debate strategy, but they’ve been less formal than the ones Biden is participating in.

Trump also met with GOP senators to discuss his strategy during a trip to the nation’s capitol last week.

One campaign official for Joe Biden gave insight to the Washington Examiner regarding the president’s upcoming debate planning and style.

“The president will have less time for debate prep than four years ago given his day job, so prep will largely be confined to immediately prior,” the official told the outlet.

“The president has gotten increasingly punchier in recent remarks about Trump and plans to carry that theme through to the debate while still projecting himself as the wise and steady leader in contrast to Trump’s chaos and division.”

The official also explained how Biden plans on displaying Trump as an extremist during the debates.

“The president is prepping to hold Trump accountable for his extreme record and the dangerous things he’s been saying on the trail.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are probably holding their breaths and hoping Joe Biden doesn’t trip on stage or fumble his words around, which is something he’s done a lot of during his time as president.

This debate could be a major chance for Donald Trump to prove once and for all that Biden is definitely not fit to serve another four years as commander-in-chief.

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