Presidential candidate does the unthinkable and teams up with Trump to take down CNN

robert f kennedy jr

It’s not often that political rivals join forces together. In fact it’s almost unheard of in today’s political climate.

And a presidential candidate does the unthinkable and teams up with Trump to take down CNN.

CNN has been widely criticized over the years for having a Leftist bias.

All their programs and news coverage seems to do is tear down former President Donald Trump and conservatives.

The news outlet is set to host the first presidential debate tonight between Trump and President Joe Biden.

But one politician isn’t so sure CNN will do an adequate job in hosting it.

RFK Jr. Goes Nuclear on CNN Debate Moderaters

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized CNN debate moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper for their support of COVID-19 lockdowns while praising former President Donald Trump as a top-notch debater during an appearance on “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

Kennedy, 70, expressed doubts that Bash and Tapper would pose challenging questions to either Trump or President Biden due to their endorsement of both administrations’ pandemic policies.

“On some of the biggest, most monumental decisions during their presidency, like the lockdown of the American public, the CNN announcers were cheerleaders for those lockdowns,” RFK Jr. said to Piers Morgan.

“That shifted $4.3 trillion in wealth to this new oligarchy of billionaires, that destroyed the middle class in this country, that shut down 3.3 million businesses with no due process — our churches — made us wear masks.”

Kennedy specifically called out Jake Tapper for his support, questioning whether Tapper would ask tough questions. Piers Morgan defended the CNN moderators, saying, “I think Jake’s a great journalist. I’ve worked with him for CNN. I think that, yeah, of course they can. I think they’ll actually do a very good job.”

When asked who he thought would win the debate, Kennedy predicted a Trump victory. “I think Donald Trump is good,” he said, comparing Trump to Abraham Lincoln in his debating skills. “He could win a prize for the greatest debater in modern American history, probably since Lincoln-Douglas.”

Kennedy elaborated, “I’m saying that based upon watching him run through 16 Republicans one at a time [in 2016] and just demolish them. He’s extremely entertaining to watch. He has an ability to make up facts and then believe them absolutely — and to sell them to the crowd.”

“He’s a brilliant entertainer and nothing fazes him. I don’t think it’s possible for President Biden to beat him in that debate.”

Kennedy doubted Biden’s ability to match Trump’s debating prowess, suggesting that Biden might be replaced by another Democrat before the party’s August nominating convention.

“I think that’s possible,” RFK Jr. said. “The convention would be the place to do it. They have the super-delegates who are in line, basically. And they are the ones who would choose the next nominee.”

“So I think, you know, they would probably — some of them would welcome that chance.”

He also criticized the debate’s criteria and CNN’s role, claiming the network “colluded” with Trump and Biden “to exclude the Presidential Debate Commission” from organizing the contest. “Since my uncle’s premier debate with Nixon, this has never happened,” RFK Jr. said, referring to the historic 1960 debate between then-Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon.

“And the worrying thing is that the [Democratic National Committee] and the [Republican National Committee] are putting tens of millions of dollars into CNN. So there’s a conflict there.”

Kennedy also dismissed the idea of working in a Trump or Biden administration, stating, “I intend to win the race. I’m not looking for a job in government,” despite polling in a distant third place nationally according to RealClearPolitics.

While Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is no fan of Donald Trump, it’s nice to see that the two don’t trust CNN to host a fair and balanced debate.

It’s time someone other than a Republican calls out the radical Leftist news outlet.

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