Radical Democrat announces plan to bring Obama back to the White House

barack obama

Barack Obama can’t help himself. He loves being in power.

And this radical Democrat announced a plan to bring Obama back to the White House.

The aftermath of Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, has caused much debate about foreign policy in Congress.

Most notably, Democrats are fighting with one another about whether or not a ceasefire should occur between Israel and Hamas.

Rep. Shri Thanedar (R-MI) announced earlier this week that he has a proposal for Israel to “pause” attacks on Hamas.

Unfortunately, that proposal involves former President Barack Obama working as a negotiator between the two parties.

“Today, I am calling on Israel to institute a 72-hour humanitarian pause to negotiate the release of the hostages held by Hamas and the surrender of Hamas leaders responsible for the October 7 attack,” Thanedar said in a statement.

“During hits pause, President Biden should appoint a chief negotiator to bring all parties to the table. I can think of no one better than former President Barack Obama to lead these efforts.”

“If, at the end of 72 hours, no sufficient progress has been made, Israel should resume its military operations with the goal of destroying Hamas while minimizing civilian casualties.”

Rep. Thanedar couldn’t be more incorrect with his assessment. Obama would make a terrible negotiator in this situation.

Back in 2015, Obama helped put in to place the Iran nuclear deal that helped give Iran more power in the Middle East, which in turn is helping to propel Hamas and other terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

And of course, there’s the alleged relationship between Obama and known anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan.

To Obama’s credit, he distanced himself from Farrakhan once it meant his support would derail the former president’s 2008 presidential campaign, but the point remains the same. Barack Obama shouldn’t come anywhere close to the White House for a chief negotiator role.

In fact, it would be best for America if he would distance himself from Washington, D.C. altogether.

Any sort of negotiating from Obama and President Joe Biden with Israel and Hamas would only lead to a disastrous result for every party but Hamas.

And many believe that negotiating with the brutal terrorist group is completely inappropriate, to say the least and only gives them benefits and rewards for their atrocities.

It’s likely Barack Obama doesn’t take up Thanedar on the proposal as chief negotiator, but either way, its a scary sight to behold.

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