Restraining order involving this congresswoman has the GOP up in flames

lauren boebert

There’s no such thing as normalcy in politics. Everything is constantly spinning into chaos.

And a restraining order involving this congresswoman has the GOP up in flames.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has experienced plenty of controversy over the past year.

She was kicked out of a theater for disturbing her fellow guests and also has had very public fights and arguments with her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert.

On January 6, both Boebert and her ex-husband got into a fight at a restaurant that resulted in the police coming and arresting Mr. Boebert.

And now, a Garfield County judge in Colorado has issued a temporary restraining order for Rep. Boebert against Jayson Boebert.

The restraining order came last Friday after the congresswoman accused her ex of committing domestic abuse.

The temporary order will also apply to the Boebert’s children and will protect them from their father.

According to reports from the Colorado Sun, Lauren Boebert asked for the restraining order due to multiple reasons that occurred from 2022 and this past Friday.

Those reasons include “abusing children in household” and “threat by damage to property.”

A permanent restraining order could be put in place after a hearing takes place later on Thursday.

But as for now, Jayson Boebert is not allowed to be in contact with Lauren Boebert or their three children, according to the Colorado Sun.

He also can’t be within 100 yards of them.

On Monday, Jayson Boebert reached out to the Associated Press via text message and told them that he just found out about the restraining order.

He also added that he was a victim when police were called during his argument with his wife at the restaurant in early January.

“I would never harm Lauren I just want to move on and be in peace,” one Jayson’s text messages said.

Lauren and Jayson Boebert had their divorce finalized in October.

Rep. Boebert is currently gearing up for her reelection campaign in the 4th District of Colorado. She had originally been in the 3rd District but announced her move to the 4th after Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) declared his was no longer running for reelection in that district in 2024.

It’s safe to say Lauren Boebert is looking forward to putting all of this controversy behind her as she hits the campaign trail this election season.

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