Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott hit Joe Biden with major lawsuit

Ron Desantis

Republican Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are done with the Biden antics. They’re taking a stand.

Because Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have hit Joe Biden with a major lawsuit he never saw coming.

The Biden administration is facing legal action from two Republican attorneys general, Ashley Moody of Florida and Ken Paxton of Texas, over the government’s parole-release system for migrants at the southern border.

Both appeared on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News to discuss how the practice of releasing some migrants on parole into the interior without a court date is unlawful.

A document dated May 10 called Parole with Conditions is at issue, and it gave CBP permission to release migrants on overcrowding concerns beginning May 12. In a legal document submitted to a federal court, Moody claimed that this policy was comparable to one that had been annulled in March and was known as the Parole Plus Alternatives to Detention Policy.

The day before the new policy was scheduled to take effect on Friday, Judge T. Kent Wetherell, who ruled the March regulation illegal, approved Florida’s fresh request for a temporary restraining order.

In his decision, Wetherell stated that he “fails to see a material difference” between the two immigration strategies.

Both Mayorkas and the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, referred to the decision as “sabotage” on ABC on Sunday.

“We think it’s a very harmful ruling,” Mayorkas said. “It is a matter of the safety and security of people, including our own personnel, not just the vulnerable migrants, to be able to release them.”

Both decisions have now been appealed by the Biden administration.

The Florida attorney general claimed there was a sinister motive for delaying the appeal of the March decision.

The Biden administration, according to Moody, was “systematically breaking down our immigration-security structures,” even while Title 42 protection was still in effect. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas allegedly requested reduced funding and jail space.

“…so it’s this emergency that they’ve created so they have to let everyone in. It’s almost like Mayorkas is Keyser Söze. He has this plan the whole time,” Moody said.

In response to Florida’s attempt, Paxton congratulated Moody and said, “Texas is doing something very similar” to oppose the program.

The state has filed a lawsuit on a number of administrative grounds, claiming that DHS has exceeded its statutory power, the May 10 memo outlining the parole program is a substantive regulation that was not published through notice and comment, and the policy is arbitrary and capricious.

“We have no way to track these people. They’re going to be released into the country. And it’s completely illegal,” Paxton ranted.

The legal troubles for the Biden administration just keep piling up, but this is one that Biden needs to lose.

For the sake of America, there needs to be real action taken at the southern border to drastically cut down on illegal immigration or the consequences we’ve already been seeing in rising crime in the south will continue to worsen.

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