Ron DeSantis was smacked with an accusation from CNN that left him seeing red

CNN is gearing up for their smear campaigns against both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis ahead of 2024. They’ve already crossed the line, though.

Because Ron DeSantis was just smacked with an ugly accusation from CNN.

Last week, the Democrats significantly surpassed predictions and prevented the anticipated red wave from reaching the ground, leaving Republicans unhappy.

Democrats, though, were unable to halt the red tsunami in Florida.

In spite of the polls, Governor Ron DeSantis defeated disgraced Democrat Charlie Crist handily.

Across the Sunshine State, DeSantis and the GOP also overturned traditionally Democratic- or Democrat-leaning counties, often by double digit proportions.

Florida is now classified as being entirely red following the election on Tuesday.

The press’s left-wing partisans are enthralled by it.

Political commentator Ana Navarro went to a new low by accusing DeSantis of “gaming the system” during a panel discussion on CNN.

“Ron DeSantis barely won in 2018, by 35,000 votes, by the skin of his teeth against a black progressive little known mayor from Tallahassee, Florida,” Navarro began. “Yesterday he won by 20 percentage points, why? ” she asked, before answering her own question with “because he gamed the system.”

“Because he turned Florida into an unlevel playing field,” she added.

For the past 18 months, CNN has repeated the Democratic narrative that anyone who challenges an election poses a grave threat to democracy.

But now that the Midterm elections are over and Democrats surpassed forecasts, it becomes ok to doubt election outcomes.

Naturally, Navarro was alluding to the law that DeSantis passed last year enhancing Florida’s electoral integrity.

The Act strengthened voter ID requirements, outlawed ballot harvesting, and stopped Florida’s mass mailing of votes.

The new law also mandates that officials annually review voter rolls for invalid voters and established a “Office of Election Crimes and Security” to examine claims of voting fraud.

Navarro criticized DeSantis for the law.

“They changed election laws, making it harder to vote by mail,” she ranted. “They paraded a bunch of people – black people, that they arrested for voting fraud, and paraded them in front of national media,” she continued, before adding that “he created an election police.”

Navarro tweeted about the video.

“What do u call passing laws changing vote by mail/curtailing Early Voting? What do u call creating an unnecessary Election Police and making sure some Black voters got arrested for cockamamie voting charges later dismissed in Court? What do u call redistricting FL to benefit GOP,” Navarro asked.

Bryan Griffin, the press secretary for DeSantis, called out Navarro in a comment for promoting falsehoods.

Early voting wasn’t “curtailed” in any way, he said. “Absentee ballots are still available upon request,” he continued, adding that “convicted felon murderers or sex offenders are not eligible to vote & no charge has been dismissed on the merits.”

DeSantis improved Florida’s electoral integrity.

In the Sunshine State, Democrats can no longer get away with controversial election tactics.

And the progressives in the media are having a fit about it.

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