Sarah Palin just revealed the Democrats’ secret plan for 2024

sarah palin

Both parties are figuring out their strategies for the upcoming presidential election. But the Democrats might have one that changes the game.

And Sarah Palin just revealed the Democrats’ secret plan for 2024.

According to recent polls, the race for the presidency will likely come down to Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin doesn’t think this will be the case.

According to Newsmax, “Democrats will at the last moment replace President Joe Biden in the presidential race in order to take away as an issue the widespread corruption allegations against him and his family and give the new candidate an aura of being a ‘savior,’ former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Newsmax on Wednesday.”

“Palin shared this theory in the context of her reaction to the latest revelations and investigations into the various trips Hunter Biden took with his father on official government planes.”

What makes Palin’s comments more surprising, is that she believes that Democrats are purposefully trying to reveal how corrupt Biden’s family is in order to have Americans grow angry at the President.

The former governor concludes that, “at the last minute, they are going to have Biden bail. He won’t be the nominee.”

“They are going to throw someone else in that will be the [Democratic] Messiah, their new savior, and that will take away so many of the arguments that the right has from the left during this campaign.”

If Palin’s theory is correct, this move by the Democrats would throw everyone for a loop.

And one of the biggest questions that can arise from Palin’s comments, is who would replace Biden as the nominee?

Vice President Kamala Harris would likely be disqualified by leftists, because of her inability to string along coherent sentences like President Biden.

While Palin didn’t reveal who she thought would replace Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee, she did offer her thoughts on him using a fake name to engage in corrupt business dealings with his son, Hunter.

“The worst thing about it is that he used these false names for nefarious reasons. It wasn’t to protect his own privacy of his kids. It was ultimately to enrich himself and the Biden family.”

She also added that “it is hard to believe that the head of the executive branch would pull such a thing.”

Sarah Palin is certainly right that the Biden family is corrupt.

But it will be interesting to see if she’s correct that the President could potentially be replaced as the Democrat nominee in 2024.

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