Secretary of State sends Joe Biden a startling warning

Mike Pompeo

What President Biden is about to do is risky. It could blow up in his face.

And now a Secretary of State is sending Joe Biden this startling warning.

Last week, the American public learned of a plan from the Biden administration to cut a deal with the Iranians to get Americans back who are being held, hostage.

The problem with this deal is that many are saying it’s an extremely sweet one for Iran.

In exchange for handing over five Americans being held hostage, Iran will be receiving multiple Iranian hostages and $6 billion in the form of loosened sanctions.

If your initial thought is that this is a bad deal for America, you wouldn’t be alone.

Since the announcement from the Biden administration, many on both ends of the political spectrum have been critical of this exchange.

What will Iran do with the cash flow of $6 billion? Could they just turn right around and use that for more terrorist acts?

Former Secretary of State for the Trump Administration Mike Pompeo believes so.

In an interview this past weekend, Pompeo called the deal with Iran “dangerous” and said it will only “encourage” Iran more.

“It’s really dangerous,” Pompeo said appearing on 77 WABC.

“It’s dangerous for the Gulf nations, it’s dangerous for Israel.”

He went on to say that the Biden administration has set a bad precedent saying that handing over an American is worth $1 billion in return.

“You now have a situation where we have told the Iranians, For every American you take, the Biden administration will provide you with $1 billion,” Pompeo added.

Also concerning is the degree to which the Biden administration is having to work with Iran to ensure they hold up their end of the deal.

The White House national security advisor, John Kirby, has said the deal is not done but said the administration is doing their “due diligence.”

What’s sad is that the Biden administration has failed so much on the foreign policy level that they have no respect on the international stage anymore.

American hostages still remain in North Korea, Russia, and Iran and the Biden administration is at its wits end.

America’s enemies feel emboldened to make demands of the United States rather than the reverse because of that.

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