Shocking allegations against Biden lead to new investigation

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The Biden family is corrupt and many people have been investigated criminally. However, this new discovery is even more shocking.

And new allegations against Biden have led to a new investigation.

Following disturbing accounts of undocumented immigrants boarding flights across the country, conservative legal group America First Legal (AFL) has launched an investigation into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) vetting procedures.

Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, AFL seeks to unmask potential national security vulnerabilities arising from what they perceive as “lax vetting” of migrants at airports.

Anecdotal evidence of large groups of migrants, accompanied by interpreters and carrying belongings, effortlessly navigating airport security and boarding planes has stoked AFL’s anxieties.

The legal group raises particular concern about the use of “acceptable alternative identification” – potentially including Border Patrol-issued documents not verified against any central database – for verifying migrant identities.

“It remains unclear if these individuals were part of the Biden administration’s controversial airport housing program for migrants,” AFL notes, highlighting the administration’s policy of sheltering large numbers of migrants in airport facilities.

“Meanwhile, law-abiding Americans face rigorous security measures, begging the question: why the double standard?”

Citing TSA’s own statements acknowledging aviation’s vulnerability to terrorist attacks, AFL questions why vetting for migrants might be less rigorous than for regular citizens.

This concern is further amplified by the recent apprehension of individuals on the U.S. terror watch list near the southern border.

To uncover the potential scope of this issue, AFL’s FOIA request seeks a broad range of records from the TSA, including:

The number of individuals allowed to board planes since 2021 using “acceptable alternative identification.”

Records assessing the security risks associated with such alternate identification procedures.
Communications with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) regarding migrant travel facilitation and its impact on TSA policy.

AFL’s investigation aims to raise public awareness about potential security vulnerabilities within the existing travel vetting system.

By seeking relevant documents through the FOIA process, the organization hopes to shed light on the extent of migrant air travel and the protocols in place to ensure national security.

Addressing this complex challenge demands a balanced approach that prioritizes both national security and humanitarian concerns.

By promoting open dialogue and seeking factual information, constructive solutions can be explored to address legitimate security concerns while upholding America’s values of compassion and opportunity.

The current administration is corrupt and has such a dangerous double standard that cannot be excused.

We must fight for what is right and protect this great nation.

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