Texas Attorney General’s new investigation has Anthony Fauci sweating bullets

Dr. Anthony Fauci thought he could ride off into the sunset. He was dead wrong.

Because the Texas Attorney General has launched a new investigation that has Fauci sweating bullets.

When the pandemic panic hit in the beginning of 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci had a lot of respect in the eyes of a ton of Americans.

But that quickly faded away as the American public found out soon enough that Fauci was full of hot air.

He flip-flopped on the so-called “facts” about COVID-19 more than pancakes on a Sunday morning in the American South.

Masks were discouraged one moment, and the next everyone needed to be wearing masks at all times.

Then kids were told they didn’t need the vaccine, and then they did to prevent the spread. Fauci’s flip-flopping became a joke.

Fauci left his role as the NIAID Director in December 2022, but he’s not out of the woods yet. In fact, a new investigation launched by the Texas Attorney General just might lead to his doorstep.

Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton announced on Monday that he is starting an inquiry to see if gain-of-function research was conducted by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson and whether they lied to the public about it.

Additionally, Paxton will look into whether pharmaceutical firms fabricated data from vaccine trials and misrepresented the effectiveness of their COVID-19 vaccines.

According to a press statement from “certain pharmaceutical companies have had record-breaking financial success, driven in part by sales made from products related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“This vested interest in the success of these COVID-19 products, combined with reports about the alarming side effects of vaccines, demands aggressive investigation,” the statement went on.

Paxton’s office wrote to each corporation and asked them to deliver a long list of papers by May 31. During the pandemic, Paxton opposed mandatory vaccination, mask use, and lockdowns, even in his own state.

In the news release, Paxton stated that the goal of the probe was to find the truth.

“This pandemic was a deeply challenging time for Americans. If any company illegally took advantage of consumers during this period or compromised people’s safety to increase their profits, they will be held responsible. If public health policy was developed on the basis of flawed or misleading research, the public must know,” the statement reads.

According to a statement from Pfizer spokeswoman Sharon Castillo, “regulatory agencies across the world have authorized the use of our COVID-19 vaccine.”

According to Castillo’s statement, “These authorizations are based on robust and independent evaluation of the scientific data on quality, safety, and efficacy, including our landmark phase 3 clinical trial,” as reported by KPRC-TV in Houston.

“Data from real-world studies complement the clinical trial data and provide additional evidence that the vaccine provides effective protection against severe disease,” the study’s authors write.

The gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and subsequent lab leak are the subject of an investigation by the GOP-controlled House. Gain-of-function research is defined as “altering a pathogen to increase either transmissibility or pathogenicity,” according to Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the Trump administration, who made this statement to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic in March.

Another supporter of looking into the connections between gain-of-function research and the pandemic is Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky.

Rand Paul still believes – as many Americans do as well – that Dr. Fauci was involved in illegal gain-of-function research during his time as the NIAID Director.

Though Fauci denies gain-of-function research, more investigations could connect Fauci to the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

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