The Biden campaign is on life support after being hit with this alarming news

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Joe Biden is facing an uphill battle this election cycle. His approval rating is abysmal.

And the Biden campaign is on life support after being hit with this alarming news.

A new poll has come out from KSTP and SurveyUSA, which shows that the blue state of Minnesota could be up for grabs for likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Minnesota went Democrat in the 2020 election, but thanks to President Biden’s poor approval rating, he’s quickly losing votes in the state.

The poll by KSTP and SurveyUSA shows that Biden only leads the state of Minnesota by just 3 points. More specifically, he has a lead of 42% to 39%.

10% of those polled are undecided and 9% say they would prefer to vote for another candidate. There is a margin of error of 2.8%.

That same poll shows Trump leading fellow Republican candidate Nikki Haley, 76% to 14%.

54% of respondents say that they disapprove of Biden while just 41% approve.

A political analyst from Carleton College, Steve Schier, indicates that the president is in deep trouble due to these poor approval rating numbers.

“You have an incumbent president. It’s his fourth year, an election year. He is well known. People Have often made up their minds about the incumbent, and Joe Biden is at 54% disapproval in Minnesota,” KSTP reports Schier saying.

“That is not good news for him.”

2,100 people from the Gopher State were polled between January 24 and 29.

1,853 of them were registered voters and 1,594 were deemed likely to vote in the general election this year.

35% labeled themselves as Republicans while 38% labeled themselves as Democrats.

23% were independents.

The survey was done online rather than in person.

The White House should probably start sounding the alarm.

This is yet another bad poll for Biden who is in real danger of losing reelection this November.

Former President Donald Trump could very well be on his way to a second term if things don’t change for the better for the sitting president.

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