The Democrat party is edging towards defeat after this 2024 poll dropped

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The Left is crumbling on President Biden’s watch. There’s nothing they can do to stop their downfall.

And the Democrat party is edging towards defeat after this 2024 poll dropped.

The 2024 elections are on everyone’s mind as the 2023 calendar year is inching to a close.

Democrats not only want to win the presidential election, but they also want to take control of both chambers of Congress.

But a new poll out of West Virginia may be a sign of trouble for the Left.

According to Emerson College Polling (ECP), current Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is trailing current West Virginia Governor and senate candidate Jim Justice (R) by 13%.

If this result were to hold in 2024, West Virginia wouldn’t have a Democrat elected to any statewide office.

“Independents are breaking for Justice, 43% to 18%, however, in the matchup with Mooney, independents are split 32% to 32%.”” explained Spencer Kimball, the executive director for Emerson College Polling.

Kimball was referring to Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) who is also running for senate.

Mooney currently trails Manchin by 6% according to ECP.

What makes this poll and Kimball’s analysis interesting, is that Manchin has separated himself from some of the extreme stances of the Democrat party, and has been rumored to run as an Independent in the 2024 presidential election.

So if he isn’t able to perform strongly among Independents in West Virginia, that is a bad sign for his re-election hopes to the senate.

The ECP survey also revealed that Donald Trump leads President Biden by a whopping 59-23 percent advantage in a potential head-to-head presidential race.

The survey also shows that 51 percent of voters in the Mountain State believe the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden.

Former President Trump’s performance in West Virginia was nothing short of dominant in 2020.

He won every county in the state, and is looking for a repeat performance in 2024 if he is the Republican nominee.

That success looks like it’s being spread to other Republicans like Governor Justice who is hoping he can defeat Manchin and keep West Virginia dark red.

This is the last thing Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted to see as they try and muster up some momentum heading into a crucial election year.

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