The DNC is shredding evidence after a top Democrat was ordered to testify before Congress

Andrew Cuomo

The Democrat Party did not see this coming. One testimony could be their downfall.

That’s why the DNC is shredding evidence after a top Democrat was ordered to testify before Congress.

There is one aspect of the 2020 pandemic panic that Democrats and the Leftist Fake News Media really doesn’t like talking about at all. That’s the decisions of Democrat governors that were seriously unethical, like those of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

You’ll recall that Andrew Cuomo made the decision very early on when lockdowns were being first announced and the entire economy was being pre-emptively shut down and sacrificed at the altar of supposed “public safety” to send virus-positive patients to live with elderly people in nursing homes.

He issued an order in March of 2020 that would make it illegal for any nursing homes in the state to reject people because of a positive virus test. Not only that but when the Cuomo administration later reassessed the order, they intentionally tried to hide the damage that had been done by intentionally under-reporting deaths as a result of those who were infecting others in nursing homes.

In the years since the pandemic panic, there’s been calls for accountability for the actions of those who at best were making unwise decisions and at worst were intentionally making unethical and immoral ones.

Those who have been seeking some accountability are going to be happy to hear about Congress’ latest move.

According to reports, Congress has sent an order to former Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo to appear before the House of Representatives to testify on why he made the decision to allow and even force virus-positive individuals in nursing homes with those who were at a much higher risk than the average population.

“Governor Cuomo will be appearing before our select Subcommittee on the Pandemic on June 11,” the Republican Representative Brad Wenstrup shared with Jake Tapper while appearing on CNN.

“This will be a transcribed interview at 10 a.m,” Mr. Wenstrup added to his announcement.

The Representative said that at the heart of the testimony will be trying to figure out why Mr. Cuomo would have ever thought it was a wise decision to force virus-positive individuals to be housed with nursing home patients.

“I’m trying to learn why he would do something like this,” he added on CNN. “As a doctor who has treated infections, it goes against all medical common sense to take someone who was highly contagious and put them amongst the most vulnerable,” he concluded.

The order specifically read that “no resident shall be denied readmission or admission to the nursing home solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Later, this would be heavily criticized even by the so-called “health experts” who were leading the discussion surrounding the pandemic panic. He of course backtracked and removed the order a couple months later, but Americans still don’t know the extent of the damage he had done.

Cuomo’s office tried to deflect when asked about testifying before Congress about his March 2020 order, saying that there should be interest in the “10 other states” that had similar orders as his.

“Any real review would focus on the 10 other states with similar policies, red and blue alike,” a spokesperson for Cuomo said to reporters.

However, his effort to cover up the damage he had done is what has been under intense scrutiny since. The New York state’s government quite literally changed the way they counted 2020 pandemic virus deaths from within nursing homes right before rescinding the order.

The new method of counting the deaths was to only count those who literally perished physically inside of a nursing home, which is obviously inaccurate. Anyone who was transferred to a hospital and passed while in the hospital were not to be counted anymore.

Later reports in 2021 and 2022 suggested that the Cuomo administration had been under-reporting nursing home deaths by upwards of 50% as a direct result of the new counting method they implemented.

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