The FBI is shredding documents after being sent a stunning demand

christopher wray

The downfall of the FBI is not yet over. They continue to spiral down as Americans trust them less and less.

And now the FBI is shredding documents after being sent a stunning demand.

The gross reality is that the FBI was being weaponized by federal agents to take out Donald Trump as soon as he announced his candidacy back in 2015.

Ever since then, the FBI has lied through their teeth and teamed up with Deep State actors to prevent Donald Trump and anyone like him from being able to hold office.

Just consider how the FBI literally worked with the federal government to get social media giants to suppress the New York Post story about the Hunter Biden laptop.

The goal in doing so was obviously to prevent that story from having an impact on the 2020 election, in turn helping Joe Biden. The FBI even admitted as much as we learned from the stunning “Twitter Files.”

Sadly, they aren’t just going after Donald Trump. As Donald Trump once said, they are going after what he and conservative Americans believe in. They will attack anyone who stands in their way.

Since Republicans have gained a majority in the U.S. House, they’ve been trying desperately to hold the Biden executive branch – which includes the FBI – accountable for their actions.

House Republicans are bemoaning the fact that the FBI, and specifically their directory Christopher Wray, is not cooperating with their investigations.

What’s particularly concerning is that a House GOP member has now accused Wray and the FBI of not handing over witnesses and testimonies for the House investigations.

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) pointed this out and called out the FBI and said that “Accountability is coming.”

Stefanik said to Christopher Wray during a hearing that their Committee made “50 different requests for information and documents concerning the operations and actions of the FBI.”

She then told him that the FBI is not complying with the House Judiciary Committee requests.

“To date, the FBI has not complied with the Judiciary Committee’s long-outstanding requests for information and documents,” Stefanik said.

Additionally, Stefanik said that the FBI is ultimately accountable to the American people and that complying with these investigations is the “bare minimum”.

Then Stefanik dropped a shocking demand on Wray. She told him that the FBI “failed to send a witness” to their hearing and asked for a witness to be sent at the next hearing on March 28.

Wray gave a non-committal answer saying “We’re happy to work with you.”

Stefanik pressed him, asking “Can you commit to providing a witness?”

Wray continued his semantics puzzle game and said they would “of course make people available.”

They continued their semantic back and forth until Stefanik finally got a “Yes” out of Wray, reluctantly.

That’s when she took to Twitter to announce that they have the FBI on record saying that they would comply with the House Judiciary Committee’s investigations and said that “Accountability is coming.”

God-willing, that is the case. Stay tuned to the Federalist Wire.