The Pentagon officially threatened war with this country

Joe Biden

Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing on the international stage. He’s been reduced to throwing threats around like they’re nothing.

And the Pentagon officially threatened war with this country.

No one ever accused Joe Biden of being a geopolitical genius.

His inaction and missteps cost the lives of 13 American servicemen when he hastily withdrew from Afghanistan.

America is the closest it’s been to a nuclear apocalypse since the Cuban Missile Crisis thanks to Biden’s ginning up of the war in Ukraine.

And China thinks it has free reign to terrorize the South China Sea and America with spy balloons.

Needless to say, the United States is in rough shape.

But instead of pumping the brakes and reevaluating his policy stances, Biden is telling his staff to threaten war with another nation.

The Pentagon has prepared a number of military options for President Biden if and when Iran begins to develop nuclear weapons, America’s top general told Congress on Thursday.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, emphasized the gravity of the situation with Iran’s nuclear program, which is advancing after the Biden administration failed to resurrect the 2015 deal with Tehran aimed to constrain that program.

Since the diplomatic campaign was essentially abandoned last fall, Tehran has made remarkable progress with its nuclear endeavors, with analysts estimating that the government is now only months away from developing a weapon if it so desires.

“Iran could produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon in less than two weeks and it would only take several more months to produce an actual nuclear weapon,” Gen. Milley told the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense Thursday morning.

“But the United States remains committed, as a matter of policy, that Iran will not have a fielded nuclear weapon.”

“We, the United States military, have developed multiple options for our national leadership to consider if or when Iran ever decides to develop an actual nuclear weapon,” Gen. Milley said.

Nevertheless, according to US authorities, Iran can currently generate enough enriched uranium for a weapon in roughly 12 days.

To make nuclear weapons, 90% enrichment is required. Earlier this month, UN inspectors reported finding uranium enriched up to 83.7% at Iran’s subterranean Fordo nuclear complex.

The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed by the United States and other major nations during the Obama administration, limits Iran’s uranium enrichment to 3.67%, which is sufficient for nuclear power but not a bomb.

Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement in 2018, reimposing economic sanctions on Iran that had been lifted as part of the pact. Iran has consistently increased its uranium enrichment since then, even as the Biden administration attempted to halt Tehran’s nuclear program through diplomacy.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency announced earlier this month that they had reached an agreement with Tehran to restore cameras and other monitoring equipment at key Iranian nuclear sites, including the Fordo site, offering some hope of slowing Iran’s potential march toward a bomb.

Iran’s officials have consistently denied developing a nuclear weapon, claiming that doing so would violate the regime’s Islamic beliefs – a dubious claim indeed.

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