The White House announces deadly warning from the southern border

southern border

Biden’s border policies have been a disaster. But now things have reached their breaking point.

And the White House announces a deadly warning from the southern border.

Thanks to President Joe Biden and his Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, the nation’s southern border is an absolute catastrophe.

Illegal immigrants are pouring into the country by the thousands, and the Biden administration is content on letting it happen.

And now Biden and the White House has the audacity to warn American schools about students getting their hands on fentanyl from illegal aliens smuggling it in.

President Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona wrote a letter to school officials to suggest they keep naloxone in stock in case students start to overdose from fentanyl. Naloxone is a drug that helps prevent an opioid overdose.

“In the midst of this fentanyl overdose epidemic, it is important to focus on measures to prevent youth drug use and ensure that every school has naloxone and has prepared its students and faculty to use it,” the letter states.

“Studies show that naloxone access can reduce overdose death rates, that its availability does not lead to increases in youth drug use, and that it causes no harm if used on a person who is not overdosing on opioids.”

“Our schools are on the frontlines of this epidemic, but our teachers and students can be equipped with tools to save lives,” the letter added.

There’s nothing wrong with teachers being prepared for the worst when it comes to a possible fentanyl overdose.

But the fentanyl crisis in America could be greatly limited if Joe Biden and Democrats were serious about closing the border.

Instead they’re fine with drug cartels sneaking over the border and bringing in these dangerous drugs that ultimately result in the deaths of Americans who get their hands on them.

In 2022, there were 100,000 lives lost to drug overdoses in the United States.

Opioids were responsible for 83,000 of those deaths.

Joe Biden basically inflated the opioid crisis through open borders and instead of fixing it himself, is giving teachers the tools to fix the problem he created.

This is poor leadership at it’s worst.

And the drug cartels know they’ll be able to smuggle fentanyl across the border with little to no restrictions by U.S. Border Patrol.

U.S. school teachers shouldn’t have to worry about saving a student from a possible drug overdose.

But until the Biden administration truly cracks down on illegal immigration and drug cartels entering the country, more and more teachers will have to worry about that very situation.

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