The White House is in shambles after Biden is caught in this shameful act

Joe Biden

President Biden’s handlers hold their breath every time he makes a public appearance. That’s because he can’t go five minutes without embarrassing himself or the office he holds.

And the White House is in shambles after Biden is caught in this shameful act.

Last month Joe Biden turned 81 years old.

His age has been of concern for members of both parties who believe it may be in the country’s best interest if he does not seek a second term to the White House.

Biden continues to add legitimacy to their concerns practically any time he speaks in public.

This was again the case during a visit with firefighters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday.

When speaking to the firefighters, the president uttered a false story about his house catching on fire.

“I was down here doing a Sunday program, and lighting struck my home and destroyed a significant portion of it, and you got my wife out,” Biden told the first responders.

“And in addition to my wife, you got my second-best love out of the house: my ’67 Corvette, so thank you all. …I owe you. When I say I owe you, I mean I owe you.”

While it is true that lightning struck Biden’s house, it only caused “a small fire…contained to the kitchen” which “was under control in 20 minutes,” according to an Associated Press report in 2004.

The fire was not some devastating incident that the president says it was.

In fact, Biden has told this exaggerated story several times before.

Back in 2022, he told Colorado wildfire victims that he “had lighting strike our home and almost lose our home.”

“We only lost about 25% of it. We were able to rebuild. But, you know, the hard part is the memorabilia you lost. The special things that you had put away that you lost,” embellished Biden.

And in 2021, President Biden relayed the story when speaking on the importance of bridges and how they can help emergency services.

Either Joe Biden is greatly confused with what exactly happened the day his house struck by lightning, or he’s purposefully trying to mislead the public by exaggerating the story. Either way, it makes the commander-in-chief look foolish.

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