The White House is scrambling to coverup this huge Joe Biden crime

Joe Biden

The truth about the Biden family is finally coming to the surface. There’s nothing they can do to hide it.

That’s why the White House is scrambling in desperation to cover up this huge Joe Biden crime.

On Monday, the White House denied that Vice President Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s business transactions, despite testimony to the contrary from a key witness before the House Oversight Committee.

In a statement, Republican committee chairman James Comer claimed that testimony from former Hunter Biden business colleague Devon Archer “confirms Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved.”

Beginning in 2014, Archer and Hunter Biden served together on the board of the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings.

After that, Archer became the managing director of the investment firm they co-founded called Rosemont Seneca.

White House spokesman Ian Sams said, “It appears that the House Republicans’ own much-hyped witness today testified that he never heard of President Biden discussing business with his son or the associates of his son, or doing anything wrong.”

“House Republicans keep promising bombshell evidence to support their ridiculous attacks against the President, but time after time, they keep failing to produce any.”

Comer revealed that Vice President Biden attended around 20 of Hunter Biden’s dinners with his international business associates.

Comer relayed from Archer’s evidence that at a board meeting in Dubai, Burisma executives allegedly urged Hunter Biden to “call D.C.” since the company’s owner was being investigated for corruption in Burma by the Ukrainian prosecutor.

During his time as vice president, Joe Biden allegedly participated in two phone discussions with a French energy business and Jonathan Li, CEO of BHR in China.

Archer claims that Biden had coffee with Li in Beijing while serving as vice president, and that Biden also recommended Li’s daughter for college. However, a White House spokeswoman said the preliminary probe was pointless and counterproductive.

“In fact, even their own witnesses appear to be debunking their allegations. Instead of continuing to waste time and resources on this evidence-free wild goose chase, House Republicans should drop these stunts and work with the President on the issues that actually impact Americans’ daily lives, like continuing to lower costs, create jobs, and strengthen health care,” Sams added.

The Department of Justice has disputed that it sought Archer’s surrender to a federal judge on Saturday in an effort to prevent him from testifying on Monday about matters unrelated to the problems surrounding Hunter Biden.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York requested that Judge Ronnie Abrams set a date for Archer to report to jail in a letter given to her on Saturday.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Archer’s 2018 fraud conviction and one-year sentence a few days earlier.

What’s happening here is the White House is trying to gaslight the American people into believing that they aren’t hearing and seeing what the evidence is proving.

There is evidence that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s international business dealings, potentially in a bribery scheme to enrich the Biden family, which is entirely illegal.

Just because the witness on Monday said he didn’t personally hear Joe Biden discuss these business dealings with Hunter directly, doesn’t mean that it never happened.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on any further developments in the Hunter and Joe Biden investigations.