The White House just handed terrorists a huge gift behind closed doors

Joe Biden

Biden is anything but an America First president. If anything, the US is the last thing on his mind.

And now the White House just handed terrorists a huge gift behind closed doors.

President Biden on Wednesday announced an 18-month moratorium on the deportation of certain Palestinians from the United States while Israel waged war on Hamas terrorists in Gaza, citing deteriorating regional conditions.

“While I remain focused on improving the humanitarian situation, many civilians remain in danger; therefore, I am directing the deferral of removal of certain Palestinians who are present in the United States,” the president wrote in a note.

Under Biden’s directive, Palestinian tourists, students, and workers in the United States will be exempt from deportation until at least August 2025, and many will be able to lawfully seek employment in the US.

“I further direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to take appropriate measures to authorize employment for noncitizens whose removal has been deferred, as provided by this memorandum, for the duration of such deferral, and to consider suspending regulatory requirements with respect to F-1 nonimmigrant students who are Palestinians as the Secretary of Homeland Security determines to be appropriate,” Biden, 81, said in a statement.

White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement that Biden’s decision will provide Palestinians in the United States with “a temporary safe haven.”

According to a White House official, the deferred removal order will apply to “most Palestinians in the United States.”

“Those convicted of felonies or who are otherwise deemed to pose a public safety threat are not eligible for deferred enforced departure,” Sullivan wrote.

“Anyone who voluntarily returns to the Palestinian territories would lose any such protections.”

Since late November, hundreds of Democratic senators have asked Biden, 81, to provide Palestinian deportation exemption due to the fighting.

Biden has previously invoked Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberian and Hong Kong citizens living in the United States.

Similar precautions were imposed in relation to Ukrainians in the US following Russia’s February 2022 invasion of the former Soviet state.

But one question remains pertinent, is there any real screening of these individuals?

And will this actually be a temporary stay?

Or will Democrats cry foul when the 18 months is over, allow them to stay, and even ask that they be given a pathway to citizenship?

There needs to be some baked-in measures to ensure they aren’t here forever.

The Gaza Health Ministry, operated by Hamas, alleges that 28,576 people have been killed in the region since Israel declared war.

The group makes no distinction between noncombatant casualties and those of terrorists.

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