The White House just made a grave announcement that will leave you speechless

John Kirby

The world is in chaos right now. Wars are breaking out everywhere.

And the White House just made a grave announcement that will leave you speechless.

Between the war in Ukraine and the war involving Israel and Hamas, the United States has to make sure its defense is prepared for the worst.

But with President Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office, it’s hard to have any sort of confidence on that front.

In fact, according to White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby, Biden has recently been reported to have requested more funding from Congress for weapons to supply the nation’s defense forces.

Kirby appeared on CNN’s “CNN This Morning” program to discuss how it’s “a concern” that America’s stock of defense weaponry is low.

“In the President’s primetime address, he talked about the aid he’s seeking for Ukraine, and how much of that aid is to basically refill American stockpiles,” Phil Mattingly, a co-host of the program said.

“My question is, the state of those stockpiles right now, the state of where U.S. weapons stockpiles stand, with two wars – sending now two different types of shipments on a regular basis towards two U.S. allies, how big is the concern that the U.S. is dangerously low on what it should have for its own defense right now?”

“Well, of course it’s a concern. That’s why we asked for that extra supplemental funding from Congress,” John Kirby responded.

“Without getting into classified information, I can assure you and the American people that the United States military can continue to defend our national security interests all around the world. But it’s something that we watch very, very closely, and with every single aid pacakage that goes to Ukraine and now Israel, the Department of Defense has to do an assessment to make sure that we can continue to meet our own war plans and our own operational needs.”

Regardless of Kirby’s assurance, it’s still very alarming that the United States’ defense isn’t nearly as strong as it needs to be.

And it’s especially concerning given the climate of the world right now where several large scale wars are taking place.

Perhaps if Biden and his administration were more focused on supporting American causes first as opposed to Ukraine, then maybe the weapons stockpile wouldn’t be so low.

“We’ve also revitalized the defense industry to create, to manufacture, and produce much more of these munitions so that we can, A. keep them going to Ukraine and Israel, but also, B. replenish those stocks,” Kirby added.

“But it is important, and that’s exactly why the President asked for that supplemental funding.”

When it comes to military spending, all Democrats want to do is fund wars overseas.

It wasn’t long ago when Republicans were considered warmongers.

But during Joe Biden’s presidency it’s the Democrats who seem eager as ever to plunge America into a war and simultaneously destroy the nation’s defense force.

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