The White House just sounded the alarm after this Democrat launched his presidential campaign

dean phillips

Joe Biden is worried for his re-election chances. He might not even make it out of the primary.

And the White House just sounded the alarm after this Democrat launched his presidential campaign.

Going into the 2024 presidential election, President Joe Biden expected a pretty sparse Democrat primary field.

After Robert F. Kennedy Jr. decided to switch parties and run as an independent candidate, that left the Democrat field with only a few long-shot candidates like author, Marianne Williamson.

But now a new challenger has emerged, and it has the Biden campaign worried sick.

U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) is planning to launch his presidential campaign very soon, according to what sources told Fox News.

Phillips is going to appear in Concord, New Hampshire, outside of the Statehouse, likely to announce his bid for the Oval Office.

The congressman from Minnesota will then file for the state’s primary.

“He has not actually scheduled a time with my office. I know that he has scheduled some space on the front lawn of the statehouse,” New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan said to reporters, revealing the plans of Phillips.

Scanlan also noted that Phillips challenging Biden “would be a healthy thing for the New Hampshire primary.”

Speculations were made about Rep. Phillips’ potential run earlier in the week, when his campaign bus was seen driving on a highway in Ohio.

“Dean Phillips for President,” was plastered on the bus, with the slogan “Make America Affordable Again,” appearing as well.

Phillips has been mulling a run for president for a few months now, while also encouraging other candidates to join him in running.

He believes Joe Biden’s age is the reason why the president shouldn’t be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

Phillips also felt like Biden was “not passing the torch,” to younger more energized Democrats who may have a better shot in the general election.

President Biden’s re-election campaign may have thought they dodged a bullet when Kennedy Jr. decided to run as an independent.

Now they’re back in the fire after Phillips’ has all but declared a spot in the race.

And Joe Biden will likely have to do more than hide in the White House if he wants to become the Party’s official nominee.

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