This Kamala Harris video has the White House in panic mode

kamala harris

Vice President Kamala Harris is a real problem for the Biden administration. She can’t do anything right.

And now this Kamala Harris video has the White House in total panic mode.

Even liberal Americans must feel humiliated by Biden’s seemingly inexhaustible propensity for bizarre behavior and readiness to inaccuracy about the fundamental components of his own platform.

However, as a recent interview demonstrated, Harris is the only official in the administration who can inspire hope for even Biden’s detractors that he will serve another two years.

Harris was speaking on the topic of abortion, focusing on the legal fight against the use of the medication mifepristone, a prescription “medicine” used to end the lives of unborn children.

A federal judge in Texas had granted a nationwide injunction prohibiting the ongoing use of mifepristone, but the Supreme Court decided to stay it.

According to Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s ruling, the US Food and Medicine Administration approved the medicine in 2000 using a fast-track procedure that was founded on “plainly unsound reasoning” in order to make a decision under “political pressure.”

Kasmaryk stated in his judgment that the FDA has also “stonewalled judicial review” of its choice.

Mifepristone will be available for lethal use when the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals analyzes Kacsmaryk’s decision according to the top court’s decision on Friday.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s stay, Harris attempted to provide some context for the mifepristone court battle in a Telemundo interview. However, in doing so, she made a totally fictitious reference to a federal organization.

She claimed that the legal battle entailed an effort “to take a medication off the market which was approved 20 years ago by the federal drug administration.”

Yes, she referred to the FDA as the “federal drug administration,” which is not a real agency.

Watch the video here:

The majority of Americans who even have a passing interest in politics are aware that FDA does not stand for “Federal Drug Administration.”

The FDA stands for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

But the lady who is second in command of the US government’s executive branch doesn’t appear to be aware of that.

This isn’t simply a minor quibble. Before being chosen to serve as Biden’s running mate for the 2020 presidential election, Harris, a lawyer, held the positions of California’s attorney general and U.S. senator from that state.

She is expected to be familiar with significant organizations like the FDA, just as an expert mechanic is familiar with a car’s components.

Without a doubt, Harris will receive a pass on this issue from the establishment media’s fan club for the Biden administration because she is a Democrat and because she was discussing abortion, which is a sacred evil in the eyes of the current Democratic Party.

The network that aired the interview made no notice of the error in its coverage, instead focusing heavily on Harris’ message that abortion was a woman’s “right” to “make decisions about your own body.”

Joe Biden is hardly the image of a leader, and he is likely to go down in history as one of the most disastrous presidents to ever hold the office.

But we can all agree that Kamala Harris would be an even terrible president than he is.