This Leftist’s disgusting reaction to a horrific crime will leave you in utter disbelief

Representative Summer Lee

Democrats aren’t known for being compassionate. But what this liberal politician just said makes the rest of the Democrat Party look like saints.

And this Leftist’s disgusting reaction to a horrific crime will leave you in utter disbelief.

The crisis at the southern border has been a disaster thanks to the Biden administration’s lack of action.

President Joe Biden and his Democrat pals couldn’t care less that the border is wide open and that illegal aliens are making their way into the country in massive numbers.

Not only that, but some of these illegal immigrants are coming into the U.S. and committing violent crimes.

But some Leftists, including this one congresswoman, don’t seem to view that as an issue at all.

Radical Leftist Brushes off Violent Illegal Alien Crime

On Wednesday, Representative Summer Lee (D-Pa.), a prominent figure on the far-left, made a startling admission: she had never heard of Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old girl whose brutal m*rder allegedly by two illegal Venezuelan migrants has reignited the debate over U.S. border policies.

During an interview with Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn, Rep. Lee responded to inquiries about the recent Houston tragedy with apparent unfamiliarity. “I don’t know who she is. I live in Pittsburgh,” she stated. Pressed further, she reiterated, “I live in Pittsburgh. I don’t know anything about it,” before retreating into her Capitol Hill office.

The conversation did not end there. When asked about the Biden administration’s controversial policy of paroling migrants apprehended at the border, which leads to mass releases while awaiting immigration court proceedings, Lee admitted she needed more information. “I have to look it up,” she said, suggesting a follow-up discussion.

Other Democratic lawmakers, when approached, expressed horror at the crime but did not attribute blame to President Biden. Lee’s comments, however, sparked outrage among Republicans, including Dave McCormick, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

“This is disgusting,” McCormick’s campaign posted on social media, sharing a clip of Lee’s remarks.

McCormick himself posted on X, saying, “Her name is Jocelyn Nungaray. Bob Casey should be absolutely ashamed for continuing to support Summer Lee.” McCormick is set to challenge incumbent Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) in the upcoming November election.

Rep. Lee, endorsed by Sen. Casey, is also facing a heated election battle against Republican James Hayes in Pennsylvania’s 12th District. Her office did not respond to requests for comment from the New York Post.

The details of Jocelyn Nungaray’s m*rder are harrowing. On June 16, she was assaulted for two hours before being strangled to death under a bridge in Houston. The suspects, Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, both crossed the U.S. border illegally this year. Ramos entered in May, while Martinez, who had an ankle monitor removed due to a lack of known criminal history, crossed in March. Both men now face capital m*rder charges.

Nungaray’s family has condemned the Biden administration’s immigration policies, demanding stricter enforcement. “We have to stop burying our kids, this is not right,” her mother, Alexis, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “We have to have more enforcement when it comes to letting people in, this is not OK.”

In response to the tragedy, lawmakers have underscored the ongoing crisis at the southern border. “Joe Biden’s open border policies continue to devastate American communities,” stated Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY). “This needless human tragedy is the most recent loss from this humanitarian crisis devastating American communities and families.”

As the debate over immigration policies intensifies, the tragic death of Jocelyn Nungaray stands as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for solutions.

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