This Republican just revealed how Joe Biden could end up in jail

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s world is crashing down around him. Even his allies are jumping ship.

And this this Republican just revealed how Joe Biden could end up in jail.

Joe Biden’s presidency has been laden with scandal since the very beginning.

One of the biggest scandals has been his deliberate politicization of the Executive Branch for his own political agenda.

At the southern border, Joe Biden is letting millions across the border every year without so much as a slap on the wrist.

With the FBI and DOJ, Joe Biden has persecuted pro-life conservatives and raided Donald Trump’s home.

But worst of all has been the recent revelations that Joe Biden took and hid classified documents after leaving the Vice Presidency during the Obama administration.

It’s unclear whether Biden did anything illegal, but it can’t be ruled out.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said Sunday that the Biden administration has failed to live up to its transparency pledge, admitting that “we don’t know exactly yet” whether President Joe Biden or anyone on his team broke the law after the White House announced over the weekend that five more classified documents had been discovered in his Delaware home.

Comer accused the president of hypocrisy on CNN’s State of the Union with anchor Jake Tapper, claiming that the Biden administration moved after former President Donald Trump fast when a similar incident was discovered but attempted to keep his own misdeeds from the public for political purposes.

“Remember, they were quick to call for a special counsel prior to the midterm elections, and Joe Biden used as his closing argument during the midterm elections that Republicans were a threat to democracy, and he cited the fact that President Trump mishandled the documents,” Comer told Tapper.

“While he was doing this, he knew very well that he himself had possession of classified documents. So, the hypocrisy here is great.”

Comer went on to claim that House Republicans are concerned about the administration’s lack of transparency, citing a vow made by former Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Biden’s first day in office to “bring transparency and truth back to government.” Comer argued that the differences in reactions to Trump and Biden reflect a “two-tiered system of justice in America.”

Tapper attempted to explain Biden’s lawyer’s likely motive for withholding the material, which was found on November 2, was to avoid impeding a Department of Justice investigation into witnesses. Comer said that argument was “hard to believe.”

“I would consider the fact that it was right before a midterm election, a very important midterm election that was close, that was going to determine the balance of power in Congress, the fact that they had, that they were quick to call for a special counsel with Trump, it seems political here, it seems hypocritical, it seems like a double standard, and that’s our concern,” Comer said.

The Kentucky congressman explained that as Chair of the House Oversight Committee, he has jurisdiction over the National Archives, which he also accused of being opaque, adding that he is upset with the agency.

Comer claimed that the archives never informed him or Ranking Minority Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the committee’s top Democrat, of the November 2nd discovery.

“Why was Mar-a-Lago raided, but the president’s home not?” Comer inquired. “Why are the president’s lawyers still allowed to go rummage through looking for documents after a special counsel has been appointed,” he said.

Comer recently told CBS News that the Biden Administration seemed to have delayed informing the public about the president’s document problem for “political reasons.”

“It sure looks like the reason they withheld that was for political reasons and I wonder if we would have ever known it was it not for the investigative reporting at CBS,” Comer said.

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