This shocking accusation could change everything for Barack Obama

barack obama

Former President Obama is one of the most influential voices in the Democrat Party. But now his influence may have gone too far.

And this shocking accusation could change everything for Barack Obama.

Joe Biden has had a troubling presidency, to say the least.

The 80-year-old is in clear cognitive decline and his policies have brought forth a poor economy which includes record high inflation.

But even though these things are occurring under Biden’s watch, some believe that he isn’t aware of them happening at all.

In an interview with on Fox News, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, had some strong beliefs about what’s going on in the White House.

“[President Biden] has a pretty decent life and it doesn’t occur to him that all these other things that are piling up in a way that will be an absolute disaster for the Democratic Party.”

What Gingrich said next, was surprising.

“My personal guess is the driving force behind the Biden administration is Barack Obama. Obama is the only president since Woodrow Wilson to stay in Washington, and in Wilson’s case, he stayed because he had a severe stroke and he could not be moved.”

To prove his theory, Newt Gingrich explained that President Biden’s administration resembles an Obama-led administration.

“So the fact that Obama is here all the time, the fact that his staff permeates, literally permeates the Biden administration and Obama is really, really smart. This is a very radical, very left-wing administration deeply dedicated to policies that are close to crazy.”

According the the former House Speaker, Barack Obama has taken a job as a full-time puppeteer.

But whether or not the former president is pulling the strings, the actions of the Biden presidency, are slowly destroying the country.

“Their electric car policy is a disaster. As President Trump said, this will destroy at least 100,000 jobs and will achieve nothing in the long run” Gingrich continued.

“Their policies, they might propose that Americans are limited to two beers a week – the kind of petty nanny state interference that most Americans will find crazy.”

It should surprise no one that Obama would potentially want to meddle in a current presidency to gain more power.

So while it’s yet to be proven, Newt Gingrich’s theory makes sense as Biden has spent hundreds of hours on vacation instead of serving the American people while someone else runs the show.

And if Barack Obama really is the one running things, then that would explain why the country is spiraling out of control.

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