This U.S. state is in ruins after what Vice President Harris just proposed

kamala harris

All 50 states have felt the weight of the Biden/Harris administration. But now this one is being explicitly targeted.

And this U.S. state is in ruins after what Vice President Harris just proposed.

President Joe Biden’s chances for reelection are not looking so great right now.

He’s trailing former President Donald Trump in multiple national polls, as well as swing state polls.

That’s left Vice President Kamala Harris thinking about a contingency plan in case she and Biden were to lose this November.

According to Politico, Harris has “joked to friends” that she will run for governor in California in 2026.

Harris was once a U.S. senator in California from 2017 to 2021. Before that, she served as the attorney general for the Golden State.

So a potential gubernatorial run in California for the vice president would make sense. But her team has denied any reports of her apparently telling her friends about possibly running for governor.

“That did not happen,” Kirsten Allen, a spokeswoman for the vice president said to Politico.

“This November, the vice president will be preparing to be inaugurated for the second term of the Biden-Harris administration.”

For the sake of Californians, let’s hope that Kamala Harris comes nowhere close to running for governor.

She’s arguably one of the worst politicians currently, and has had little to no success as vice president. The Golden State is also reaping the consequences of current Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) failed policies.

Joe Biden enlisted Harris as his border czar to help solve the illegal immigration crisis that’s occurring at the nation’s southern border.

But unsurprisingly, she was unable to do that, as illegal immigration has only gotten worse ever since she was tasked with working to find solutions to fix it.

The vice president has also noted that she would be willing to serve as president if given the chance.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, Harris said that she’s “ready to serve” as commander-in-chief if Joe Biden is not able to for any reason.

But the American public is not so keen on that idea.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk poll, 54% of participants don’t think that Kamala Harris is qualified for the presidency.

So it’s probably best for Americans and Californians that Harris steer clear of serving in any political capacity after she vacates the vice presidency.

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