Top Biden campaign official betrays Joe with this career-ending mistake

Joe Biden

President Biden has an uphill battle ahead of him. Now even his own employees are hurting him.

And this top Biden campaign official betrays Joe with this career-ending mistake.

The last thing Biden needs is another scandal surrounding either his personal or political life.

Sometimes it’s the best intentioned people who can sink everything for you.

And Biden is getting a dose of that reality after his campaign tried to make millions off the political persecution of Donald Trump.

A top adviser in President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign for 2024 attempted to downplay a fundraising pitch that garnered criticism from conservative figures and Republican politicians.

Cedric Richmond, campaign co-chairman, was challenged on Sunday to explain why Biden solicited donations on Thursday, around the time former President Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner in the 2024 race, was jailed in Georgia on election-related charges.

“As Trump’s motorcade was pulling into the Fulton County Jail, President Biden sent out a fundraising pitch saying, ‘apropos of nothing, I think today is a great day to give to my campaign.’ That’s not particularly subtle,” said Martha Raddatz, co-anchor of ABC’s “This Week.”

“But are Trump’s legal problems going to be part of your campaign against him?” she asked.

“No,” Richmond said in response.

“Those emails go out – you know, you get five and six of them a day. So, I wouldn’t read much into that,” Richmond added.

“Even though it was the day of the Fulton County Jail. Okay,” Raddatz quipped before moving on with the interview.

The GOP and its allies were outraged by Biden’s article, which had 5.9 million views as of Sunday.

Among those to criticize the post was Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, who said, “Look at the timing on this tweet: precisely the time set for Trump’s arrest last night. Trump says that this is election interference; Biden says it isn’t. This tweet is pretty good evidence Trump is right. Biden is now saying the quiet part out loud.”

Despite the fact that he has already been charged in four separate incidents, Trump posed for his first mugshot while being processed in Atlanta last week.

His campaign instantly transformed the image into a fundraising appeal, with goods selling on its website, resulting in a multi-million dollar gain in the following 48 hours, according to reports.

Trump was released from a Georgia jail after posting a $200,000 bond.

The former president and more than a dozen friends are anticipated to be charged with conspiracy and racketeering in connection with the 2020 election early next month. Trump has repeatedly denied any misconduct in all of the criminal and civil cases he is facing.

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