Top Democrat just released tragic health news

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The Left received news they may never recover from. And Washington, D.C. is at a standstill.

That’s because a top Democrat has just released tragic health news.

Health scares can happen anytime to anyone.

That’s especially true for politicians on Capitol Hill who are over the age of 80.

But no one was expecting one of these health scares to occur during Christmas break for the U.S. Senate.

That’s what happened to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has announced just this past Thursday that he has come down with COVID-19.

Sanders, who is 82-years-old, explained that he has mild symptoms and will work remotely from home as he battles the illness.

“I have tested positive for Covid. My symptoms are minimal and I will continue to work from home in Vermont while isolating in accordance with CDC guidance,” Sanders said in an X post.

“I am glad to be fully up to date with the vaccine.”

COVID-19 cases have increased across America the last several months, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The northeastern portion of the country has been hit the most by viruses like COVID-19.

39%-50% of COVID viruses are made up of the JN.1 strain.

“JN.1’s continued growth suggests that the variant is either more transmissible or better at evading our immune systems than other circulating variants,” the CDC says.

“It is too early to know whether or to what extent JN.1 will cause an increase in infections or hospitalizations.”

For the most part, hospitalizations from the COVID-19 virus occur among persons aged 65 or older.

Sen. Sanders would be grouped in that age range as he is 82.

However, his symptoms are mild as he stated in his social media post, so hospitalization is unlikely at this time.

We certainly wish the best for Sanders as he works to overcome this latest health battle.

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