Top FBI official confesses to massive crime

Charles McGonigal

The FBI has been targeting Trump for years. Maybe they should have been looking in the mirror.

And this Top FBI official confessed to a massive crime.

Conservatives have long known that any investigation into supposed “crime” committed by Donald Trump has been a witch hunt.

Democrats and their pals spent the entirety of his term accusing him of everything from outright treason to insanity.

The biggest and first of these was the claim that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidential election in 2016.

Of course, this turned out to be nothing but lies, but the American people were subjected to 24/7 coverage by outlets like CNN and MSNBC for years.

The reality, unsurprisingly, showed that the Clinton campaign were the ones to collude with Russians in an effort to dig up dirt on Trump.

Meanwhile, after the election, Biden has accused of using his power and influence to help foreign nations who feed him million-dollar bribes.

You would think the agencies that were investigating Trump would have caught on to these details pretty quick. There’s a sinister reason why they didn’t.

Charles McGonigal, the disgraced FBI agent who investigated the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Moscow in 2016, is set to enter a guilty plea in the lawsuit accusing him of illegally working for a Russian tycoon.

“The court has been informed that defendant Charles McGonigal may wish to enter a change of plea,” Manhattan federal Judge Jennifer Rearden wrote in a brief order filed Monday, scheduling a hearing for Aug. 15.

McGonigal, 54, a former top FBI counterintelligence agent based in New York, was charged in January with money laundering and violating US sanctions by working for Russian billionaire and business magnate Oleg Deripaska, including attempting to have him removed from the US sanctions list.

McGonigal was legally supposed to report his communication with foreign authorities to the FBI, but instead reportedly concealed the links by pursuing business and abroad trips that interfered with his duties.

McGonigal pled not guilty to four counts, including conspiracy to violate and circumvent US sanctions, money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and conspiracy to violate federal statute against doing business with sanctioned individuals.

Since his arrest, he has been released on $500,000 bond.

McGonigal was a key figure in the FBI’s contentious “Russiagate” investigation of former President Donald Trump, which resulted in the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate suspected Russian intervention in the 2016 election.

Separately, he was charged in Washington DC with concealing $225,000 in payments from a former member of Albania’s intelligence service and holding a covert meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

In that case, he pleaded not guilty and the case is currently continuing.

McGonigal’s lawyers did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

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