Top presidential candidate didn’t hold back in latest strike against Hillary Clinton

ron desantis

The former First Lady can’t help herself. She’s always setting herself up for failure.

And this top presidential candidate didn’t hold back in latest strike against Hillary Clinton.

Former presidential candidate and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made the rounds last week after an alarming interview on CNN.

In the interview Clinton said that there needs to be a “formal deprogramming” of supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The interview gathered a lot of criticism and rightfully so. It mirrored her 2016 “basket of deplorables” statement about Trump supporters.

Current Governor of Florida and Republican presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis was quick to admonish Clinton for her comments on CNN.

“That is deplorable. I mean, she is part of the reason why this country is so divided,” the Governor said in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

“I mean, to attack people that support a candidate just because you couldn’t get the job done, and you’re still bitter about that.”

DeSantis is correct. Clinton’s 2016 loss was one of the biggest failures for any presidential candidate.

She lost to a wildly unpopular candidate in Donald Trump, and instead of taking ownership for it, claims that Russian interference is what won Trump the presidency.

“But we need to stop casting aspersions on people that disagree with us,” Ron DeSantis continued.

“Look, people that support the former president are patriotic Americans. I think he’s got a good following.”

It’s never a bad idea to go after Hillary Clinton when seeking the approval of the Republican base.

But DeSantis also defending Trump and his supporters is a move that he’s hoping will win him some support once voting starts in the Republican primary.

The Florida Governor currently sits in second place at 14.7% in a Republican primary national poll, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Donald Trump is steadily in first place at 57.8%.

But with increased campaigning in Iowa ahead of the caucus in January, Ron DeSantis is full steam ahead in his bid to win the 2024 Republican nomination for president.

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